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Hey all, was looking to buy my first set of skis and stumbled upon this site.
I've been skiing for about 6 years and have been going about 5 times a year (so beginner-intermediate), and decided it's time to stop renting and to invest in a set of my own.

I'm male, 180cm (5"10) and 155lbs.
I usually ski on blues and some single blacks occasionally, and do go on some moguls from time to time.
I tend to be a lazy, laid-back kind of skier, and usually go at moderate speeds.

After extensively searching through the forums, I've settled on either Elan, Head, or Rossignol. 
Being a student, I found a nice budget set of Elan E-flex 4 w/bindings for about $350+ shipping

So a few things:

  1. Anyone have experience with these skis before? I've search for hours and haven't found any comprehensive reviews on this set
  2. Any suggestions for other beginner skis would be great, as long as they are relatively inexpensive ($200-$500)
  3. I will be sharing the set with my brother (same height, but he has about 40lbs on me), so any advice on that would also be helpful
  4. Any other advice for beginner skiing in general (i.e. ski length, boots etc.)


I am aware that I need a good set of boots first, and will be visiting a boot fitter in the near future.