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Pros: simple, works, no pre-release, stable
Cons: brake width

Just put Carbon Knee Bindings on a pair of Gotamas and a pair of Kastle FX84.  Quick review - I have 4 days of testing and then riding after purchase.


Operation: These are Left/Right so you need to note when stepping into ski. In all other respects they seem like other bindings. I have had two releases - one normal when I caught an edge.  release was quick and smooth. seemed about right.  The second was a strange side hit to a mogul when I fell tot he side - the foot came out in the "knee binding release" that allows horizontal release of the foot to protect the ACL.  Not sure if I would have had an injury without this release or not, however the fall was hard enough that a release seemed right.


Skiing: skis just like the Marker Griffin or Vist bindings I use.


Construction:  OK, but not to the same level of finish as either the marker nor the vist.   engagement is positive, but not as clear as the vist.   Brakes are too wide and do not fold in like top end bindings,


Looks: a bit dated, but OK


Summary: I didn't buy them for the looks, and the on snow performance seems fine.  Time will tell, but if there is a chance this works it will be worth it.   Also, I hope their success sends a message to other binding manufacturers - if ACL's can be protected by a adding a bit of cost and another release plane - then do it.  At least give us the option of a top end model that has the best safety ......,.