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Binding "installation" necessary on integrated bindings?

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Hey all, I just picked up some Rossignol Avenger 76 carbons with integrated bindings with a little help from this thread http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/100688/michigan-gear-advice-please


The bindings are already attached to the ski.  The store offered me a binding adjustment service (that would take a week, and I'd like to get out a little sooner).  What I want to know is, is this adjustment really necessary?  I mean the bindings are tool-less, I just slide the top to the boot millimeter range and slide the bottom to the back of the boot and click, everything fits fine.


I won't be adjusting the DIN myself, I'll have one of the techs at the resort take care of that.... and of course look over my other settings as well.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Don't forget to adjust (or have adjusted) the forward pressure setting.

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On that note... can I ask a noob question?

If you know how, know what you're doing (i.e. worked as a very basic level ski tech), definitely know what your correct DIN setting is... what is the danger in adjusting it yourself?


Everyone I've ever seen adjust a DIN has just checked the chart and adjusted the setting with a screwdriver... I didn't know there was anything else involved?


Just curious, sorry to hijack! smile.gif

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I just called the resort and they say they'll do a checkup and adjustment for 10 bucks same day.  Might as well do it to be safe and gauge whether or not I think I can do it alone.

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It seems to me like all the binding settings can be quite easily done by yourself, especially on the bindings you described. The big benefit of taking them into a shop is for the shop to use a machine/tool that probably no DIYer has to check and make sure the binding is releasing under the correct amount of torque for your DIN setting. If the resort will do a proper release check for $10, that seems like a great deal and well worth it. If they are just going to push your boot out with their hand and call that a "checkup" then you'll be paying $10 for nothing.

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My biggest concern is that the bindings were put on by a big box store and I want to make sure everything is on there right & tight.  They probably will just do a hand test of the DIN setting as it's a smaller resort.


I would probably just tighten everything myself... but for one honestly, I can't find the forward pressure screw.  I see the din adjustment screw on the front and back but no forward pressure screw.  That and I'm not sure how to check to be sure the forward pressure is set correctly... should the arrow on the bottom center of the boot line up with the center of the red line on the bottom of the bonding?  What of the yellow gauge on the side of the rear of the binding?

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There seem to be a number of different forward pressure adjustment mechanisms and it may not be a screw. You should do a Google search on your specific binding and try to locate a manual (these are frequently available online though not usually posted online by the manufacturer). The manual will have specific instructions on how to set the forward pressure adjustment. My Tyrolias have a little lever that I have to pop up with a screw driver, slide the binding to the right place and then pop the lever back down. It has an arrow that is supposed to be aligned in the middle of a set of hash marks. My wife's skis have Marker bindings that uses a screw to set forward pressure and the screw is supposed to be flush with the housing when the boot is in the binding. Your bindings may have a different forward pressure system than these.


Integrated bindings are so easy to install and set up I would tend to trust a big box store could do it. You might want to post the specific binding model and ask if anyone on this forum can tell you how to set the forward pressure adjustment.

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I did just as you suggested and found some manuals online.  After a little reading, setting it up was so easy.  I honestly feel more confident in setting it myself than having someone who works on 30 different types of bindings a day setting it, just because I know exactly where everything should be for my specific set.

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