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I've created a monster, no! Two at least!

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Well, last season I recounted how my S.O. (le'ts call her "Pixie" shall we?) took up skiing at loved it.
Now, we're a step further, she's leaving me home and going to ski, alone!
This past week end we got the invitation from firends to go and spend it skiing at the resort which has been our "home away from home" for the past seasons.
Of course, I'm talking about Madesimo, where else wink.gif ?
Alas, my sons have to attend school on Sat morning, so we took the decision that she'd be going alone (I mean without me, not "alone as "alone") and ski Saturday with our friends and then we'de be joining all together on Sunday.
Starting from home on sunday morning, the party was so comprised : my teen age sons (two), my mother, 71 y.o. (yes, I convinced her to ski again, using the teen age grandchildren as "bait")...Other members, my cousin and friends had to give up for prior engagements...
Anyhow, at 06.30 a.m. the weather was not really promising but as we where travelling toward our destination and climbing the road, the clouds were dissipating and a nice sun took to shine.
Temps were in the cold, but bearable.
Pixie had a lesson planned for 09.00-10.00 after which, the idea was to ski all together..
And so we did.
We skied down the mid mountain runs and then decided to take the tram to go and ski the top part of the area which, even if being somehow colder was, at that time a bit sunnier...
Alas, upon reaching 3k meters, almost immediately Nobody Junior "the younger" displayed some symptoms of what I suspected height sickness (general weakness, headache, nausea)
At first he tried to ride it, but then after a couple of runs, we decided it was better for him to get down to the mid mountain lodge and some warmth. His first "exit on snow" of the year was not so lucky, there will be luckier one in the next months, I'm sure.
Well, Pixie and Grandmother went with him, both have a damaged knee and would have not skied the Canalone anyway.
Nobody Junior "the older" and me left, skied the remaining runs of the upper part and then took to ski the Canalone to reach the mid mountain lodge and the rest of the part to have some lunch.
The party atop of Pizzo Groppera tram station, viewer's left to right :
Nobody junior "the younger" sitting in the snow. "Pixie", my mother, Nobody junior "the older" :

Nobody junior "the older" happily skiing in the Canalone (real picture, not obtained asking him to pose for it) :

So, after lunch as "the younger" was still sick we took the offer of a friend owning a flat there and send him to a more comfortable surrounding. "The older" continued to ski with me and some friends until me too decided it was time to check on his brother...we parted with the idea that he'd be skiing "just this last one with our friend here, dad, then I'll come down too"...
Well, the time for "just one run" came and passed away and still no sign of the two of them...then came the lift closing time and again no sign of them...
At last, some 15 minutes after that a phone call came "Hey dad, I'm going to return the skis to the rental and then we'll arrive"
I started to scold him, but just a bit, about the delay but when he innocently replied "Dad we were having such a great timne skiing that we got sort of carried away" I couldn't muster the strength (after all he was with one of my friends, so I wasn't really worried) to say anything more, after all I'm the one who slipped away from an instructor at 11 because he wanted us (the class) to take the tram down the mountain after the lesson was over instead to ski down...how could I say anything to a teen age boy for skiing just past the closing time instead of "only one more"?

As I said, I've created a monster (and the third is not far behind...) ! Tee Hee!
Can't wait to have both of them skiing with me (and the rest of the group) again.

Only regret I couldn't hook up with Mr. Prickly, well, next time Mr. P.!

Today's update, "the younger" had not height sickness but a normal case of...flu...oh well!
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Think I may be headed up tomorrow...

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Lucky one!
I'm home on sick leave, today and tomorrow; managed to work yesterday but...Bit of a flu...
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