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Basic edge sharpening... what is required?

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I just bought a SWIX side/edge dual sharpener.  It was the 45 dollar one that does .5 and 1, and then 85-90 I believe, 


Is this alone enough... like can I just sharpen my edges at 1 base and 2 side each day, or do I need more fancy sh*t like diamond stones, gummy stones, etc?


If I do, if someone could give me the cliffs on what to do with other devices after running the edge sharpener on the bases, I would appreciate it (or direct me to an informative thread if it's too much to answer here).


Thank you in advance.

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I am new to this as well and found the following video posted on you tube to be quite helpful:


"Edge Tuning so easy even an adult can do it."   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQw4vH18ksM


While there you can also find a bunch of other video suggestions on the subject. Good luck!!


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Been using a simple edge tuner for years to keep my edges sharp between professional tunes.  No diamond files or gummy stones - just a regular file.  Works great for that simple task. 

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Lots of good tips on www.racewax.com 


Check out their tuning tips section.  


How in depth you need to go really depends how and where you like to ski... 


Tuning really becomes a personal preference... The biggest advice is to research what angles you should set your particular file for... if you start out with the wrong angles you may have to remove a lot of edge to get them where you like them.


Once you find out the way you like them stick to it. It really isn't that difficult.


Good luck.

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To  the OP..


The Swix device you bought is  mostly useless... For you to do real tuning sharpening of your edges you'll need a PRO shop/not any other ski shop/, to grind your bases flat...


Then you go to some place that sells RACE skis like /Artech; Race Place; Race Wax/ and buy base edge guide and side edge guide of your choice. Since you asked, you are probably unfamiliar, but 1* BASE and 3* side will be plenty for you... Along with that, you'll need a file and couple diamond or ceramic stones like 300-600 grit.... All this stuff can be had relatively very cheap, if selected right... For vises/ Now you'll need one/ and wax call Race wax. Once you do that you are basically set.. Oooh, almost forgot  do your self a favor and buy aDVD from Artech, or Race Place. It is about $20, but totally worth it if have expensive skis or board... GL..

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the above info is great if you want to learn how to do it right, and if you do learn that, your skis and skiing will always benefit. depending on where you ski, and or race, your need to do it right may vary. the most basic level of ski maintenance for an all mountain skier on variable conditions is a diamond to take off the tool hardened rock hardened burrs where the edge damage is located, and an appropriate file to touch up the entire edge, by hand or with a guide. beyond that, you can get as into it as your personality allows.

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To the OP, head over the Tuning and Maintenance forum and read up there.


YouTube is also a great resource. I particularly like the series from RaceWerks/Sun Valley Ski Tools (SVST). Here's part 1 of their side edge series to get you started:

Ski tuning from RaceWerks - Side Edge Part 1


I started doing my own tuning last year and I've got it down pretty well now... my skis are feeling amazingly fast. Since I've bought a few things I used and I didn't like, I'll give you my current kit.... all purchased from Racewax.com.  As Andy said, get rid of that Swix device. I really wasn't happy with the result I was getting with my multi-angle  base/side tool. I find the single angle guides much better.


Also, you don't need to do your base edges. Get them done at a good shop once a year and then leave them alone. As long as you don't get any significant rock damage, you should only be working on your side edges.


My kit:

Ski Man vise (get a vise, it makes everything much easier)

Wintersteiger Wax Iron

KUU Side Bevel guide 87 degree (i.e. 3 deg) with clamp

Mill bastard file

Diaflex Moonface 200 and 400 grit diamond stones (supposedly last twice as long as DMT)

Arkansas surgical stone

Gummi stone

Plexi scrapers

Brass brush and nylon brush

Ptex repair kit with steel scraper (I'm still not very good at this)

Denatured alcohol from the hardware store mixed 50/50 with water in a spray bottle.

Little brass brush from the hardware store to clean the shavings off the diamond stones and the file


If my edges are dinged, I'll start with the bastard file. Otherwise, I start with the diamond stones in the file guide, then polish with the surgical stone in the file guide, then free hand the surgical stone dry against the base edge to get the hanging burr off, then gummi at 45 degrees with no pressure. Then wax, scrape, nylon brush, and ski.


If you have questions the Tuning forum is great. Atomicman gave me that tip about using the surgical stone against the base edge to knock off the hanging burr and it made a big difference.


Good luck.


One caveat: You might not like your skis on the first couple of runs... most people aren't used to having a good edge tip-to-tail and your skis will want to be engaged all the time. But give it time and your carving will improve.




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