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Vail was awesome yesterday and like others said most of that 18 fell yesterday. They reported 7" but by the time they opened everywhere was skiing at knee level (18" on me) or higher, most under reported day I have seen. By the end of the day back in the bowls it was thigh deep and even waist deep in a few places. To make it even better there was almost no crowds and every one that was there was skiing Blue Sky. There where still plenty of untracked lines in Siberian to be found.


Convo from yesterday


Me: "Should we traverse further across the bowl?"


Friend: "Why do more work? to ski more untracked the untracked we are skiing?"


Edit: CAIC is predicting snow through tuesday so you should have some pretty good snow ssh 


Today was great, but yesterday was EPIC

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Yep, goes into March this year too.

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Vail was so good that we stayed Monday. Best 3 day weekend I've had in years. Continuous above knee powder all weekend. Zero lines Saturday & Monday. And it's still dumping.

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Based on how Beaver Creek skied today, I am sure Vail was great also.

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