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Strange knee pain

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So about 5-6 weeks about I was in the trees and hit a buried stump. I didn't think I was going that fast, but I ended up irreparably bending the ski that was on my right leg (yeah, new skis!).


Since then I have had pain in my right knee and also behind the knee in the upper portion of my calf. Now the pain has definitely diminished and isn't there when doing everyday activities. But if I really bend the knee to where the calf touches the hamstring the pain is there behind the knee. For about 2-3 weeks there was a popping noise along with the pain when I would bend the knee. Also, the whole knee hurts when kicking something, like kicking into snow, and also when riding a bike specifically when pressing down on the pedal hard.


I'm wondering if I pulled something behind my knee because when I hit the tree my leg straightened as my weight fell forward. But because my foot was locked in I may have torn something.


There wasn't really anything in the x-rays to be too concerned about, but my doctor recommended getting an MRI. I will probably get an MRI done depending on the cost.


I'm just wondering what I did to my knee. I'm 25 and in past injuries most pain goes away after a couple of weeks, but at the same time I probably should have taken it more easy on my knee since this incident.

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Did the doctor examine you or just send you for an xray? If the later, you really should go see a doctor who will examine you. ideally a sports med doc. If the doc did examine you, was there any finding? Then I'd say next step is to go get some hands on it - an athletic therapist or physio. If it still hurts after 5-6 weeks, then there's probably something going on. 



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Well, take your pick, a fairly reasonable response or calcium voodoo.  If you haven't had it done you need the MRI.  X-ray will show if a bone is broken or displaced, but it doesn't show soft tissue injuries like torn ligaments or tendons.  And yes, you were dumb to not get it done immediately and just push through the pain without knowing the actual cause.

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Ya, knee's still a little sore after heavy activities. Getting that MRI tomorrow. Probably could have gotten it sooner, but it was difficult to get the cost estimate with my insurance.


I'll need to see my general practice doctor to get permission to see a sports medicine doctor.

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