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Budget Ski Recomendation

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I am just coming back to skiing and am looking to purchase my first set of Skis ever.


I am from Maryland and 12 years ago I was able to ski all trails localy and was comfortable up to low level blacks in the killington level slope.


I am looking for a ski predominantly for local use and I am currently rebuilding my skillset, already back to blacks on the local slopes.  However, having the option to go out west would be nice.


I am 6'1" and around 240 lbs and dropping.


Any recomendations on a ski that won't break the bank? I am willing to go prior season or even used but not sure what to look for in the used department.


Thanks for the help!

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If you haven't done so already, go to a boot fitter and get boots that fit your feet properly.  They will have a huge difference in your skiing.  After you get properly fitting boots then demo some skis to see what you might like.  Demos are often available at good prices near the end of the season.

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Buy my Nordica Nitrous:  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/100788/08-09-nordica-nitrous-178-in-great-condition-285-shipped

Lots of great reviews on the ski on this website. Would be a very manageable carver that works great in bumps for you. And yes, the bindings will adjust to your boot size without re-drilling the ski.

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thanks for the response!


I have done an initial fitting at my local ski shop.  they are recommending Tecnica Mega 10s for my boot.  I was told they will be having a sale soon and I am going to wait to take advantage of that before picking up the boots.


As for ski's maybe demoing a couple pairs is a good idea.


I was also poking around and found a pair of head icon TT but not sure if that is the right level ski for me.

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I have seen some good prices for new Rossignol Avenger 74 with bindings that could handle anything you could imagine doing. 

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I find that last year's model of the "entry level park ski" makes for a good budget ski. Most ski manufacturers offer a version of the starter twin tip. They have a simple construction, with none of the expensive bells and whistles of high-end skis, and clear out at low prices at the end of the ski season. I picked up the Rossignol Scratch Sprayer FS (174 cm long, 80 mm under foot) for under $200.00 and really enjoy it. The Scratch is easy to handle for the intermediate skier and works well for most of the conditions at my local ski resort. I liked the Scratch so much, I went out and bought a pair of Head Mojo Mix, another entry level park ski, again for under $200. It's stiffer than the Rossi and with more shape, so it makes for a nice middle-of-the-road carving ski without the price of a performance carver.

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