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Atomic Smoke Ti - similar skiis?

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Hi there,


Im looking to buy my first pair of skiis. 

I am 6'5" 220, and an intermediate-advanced skier (groomed blues/blacks are my preference, no moguls, sometimes double-diamonds).


I am now learning how to carve (self tought, so likely my stance is wrong still).


I demod first day the Salomon Tornados 180, which I was told were similar to the Atomic Blackeye and Volkl AC20s. I was having trouble turning, needing more efforts than I hope for, and overall felt heavier on my feet. I suppose these were meant for more speed and more control than what I need.


2nd day I demod the Atomic Smoke Ti 178, which I loved. Very easy to turn, easily carving, perfect to get me to the next step.

Id like to try to demo some other skis, similar to the Smoke Ti.


Can any of you recommend anything else? And what would you say are the difference between the alternatives?

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Just to state right off, I haven't skied the Smoke Ti's, nor do I have friends with them.


But if memory serves me right, while perusing at my local library Ski Magazine's last fall's equipment edition (Sept or Oct 2010), besides their review of popular high-end skis, they also had another section with a few "good bet" skis that were targeted towards people who might want to spend a bit less.    


I'm pretty sure that the Atomic Smoke Ti's got special mention.   For each ski reviewed (in both high-end and for those in the less demanding categories), the testers give a numerical score for each performance characteristic such as carving, groomed performance, crud, off-piste, etc.   What caught my attention is that the Smoke Ti's (I think that was the ski) got as good as or often better scores in most every category than the best of the high-end skis.  To me it looked as they tested out as a ski that would appeal to experts.


Later I wasn't able to find this review on line, so you might need to find a hard copy of Ski Magazine's fall equipment edition.


Over the next couple of years, if I ever come across these skis on a "to good to be true" sale, I'll first try to find the Ski Mag review to double-check my memory.  If its the one they tested out so well, I'll most likely buy.


This season primarily I'm alternating between my 2008 AC30's and 2010 K2 Recons.  But I'm also still liking my 2005 Supersport 6 Stars and some 2002/03 early shaped skis still get me down the slopes just fine as well.


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