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wanna ski jay peak this week?

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Thinking about driving up to Jay from Boston tomorrow morning to ski this upcoming storm wed and thurs (if my prius without snowtires can handle the snow...)  Anyone interested in joining me up there?

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actually, i'm gonna keep an eye on the storm - if it looks like it will stay south, perhaps a place like Killington would make more sense.  Anyone interested?

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Driving up from NYC area this afternoon. Was looking at going to any of Kton, Okemo or Magic as it does indeed look like the storm is staying more to the south. I'm possibly staying at an old friend's place tonight about half hour from Kton or at the Inn at Long Trail as his wife has to be at work insanely early tomorrow and we're not sure I can stay there. Nonetheless, I'd def be up for meeting up at any of those mountains and was about to post a thread looking for some Bears to make some turns with tomorrow. PM me back if your still interested and anyone else that might be around tomorrow for that matter!



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