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Dear BootMasters,


It happened to me again last Friday while skiing with songfta. The morning had been cold (single digits), and I strapped my boots back on after lunch (had left them on, unbuckled, in the cafe with the boot gloves pulled (almost) off), and then spoke for a while with my manager as we were getting ready to head out (10 minutes or so, I'd guess). By the time we headed out into much warmer conditions, my feet were starting to feel the dull pain that I've learned to associate with them being too warm in my very tight-fitting Doberman Aggressor 150 boots (zero finger). It was cgeib who first helped me understand that the cause of the pain was the overheating of my feet and/or the characteristics of the shells when they were warmer.


I peeled off my Boot Gloves and left them for the afternoon, but the damage was done. An hour or so later I was heading to the base, feet in excruciating throbbing pain, especially my left foot which is the larger of the two.


I assume that the diagnosis is true, so am interested in my options (other than the obvious: keep the Boot Gloves off on warm days!). What would you recommend I do when I realize that I'm beginning to experience this issue? Any thoughts?