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I got to tag along on my wife's trip to Utah for work last week.  We stayed in Ogden so I skied Powder Mountain  2 days and Snowbasin 1 day. 


I skied Pow Mow last year but was left wanting more.  After talking to friends at home I decided I must have missed the good stuff so I made the decision to go out with a guide the first day.  I met my guide (John Daniels) about 9:00 on Tuesday.  It was snowing off and on so we started out with a little bit of tree skiing.  As the morning went on the snow moved out and were blessed with 3-5" of new snow.  In the afternoon the clouds settled in the visibility was really hit or miss.  Thanks to some wind we were able to find plenty of places where the new snow was soft and knee deep.  We skied entirely in the powder country and lightning ridge areas of the mountain and I didn't hit a single groomed run all day which made for probably my best day of skiing ever.  I think the only ski tracks I crossed all day were John's. 

The second day I ventured back up to Pow Mow for some more exploring on my own.  The clouds parted and it warmed nicely in to the low to mid 30's which made for another really nice ski day.  The crowd grew slightly so I did end up skiing a bit more crud than untracked powder but conditions were still excellent.  I met up with John and a nice guy from Michigan on the last run of the day off the Lightning Ridge snow cat where I got to ski more deep, soft, and untracked snow to finish out the day.


On Thursday my wife and I headed to Snowbasin.  I have to say that Snowbasin is one of the nicest places I have been.  I think my wife hit the nail on the head when she said, "You know when I first went skiing this is what I imagined the lodges would be like."  It was my second time there and I still feel like I should take off my boots when I come inside.  The weather was beautiful again.  Unfortunately my wife is stuck skiing greens so I didn't get to explore much.  I did made it over to the Strawberry side of the mountain late in the afternoon and there is definitely some great terrain there but with all the sun the snow was pretty well baked and the areas that were shaded were frozen solid.  There is definitely some great skiing to had there.  Oh and it was pretty cool to see them building the super pipe for the Dew Tour.


Unfortunately between the weather and skiing alone I didn't get any pictures or video.  frown.gif