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We're headed to Alta later this week and my wife and 12 year old son are considering taking a private lesson together.  My wife has skied before many times, but took about a 6 year break in which time she aged, had kids, changed life situations, etc. and overall really took on a fear of skiing.  She skis very cautiously and easily gets spooked resulting in bad situations.  She can really only comfortably ski green runs, and after several trips/days of this, she really wants to see some drastic improvement.  Like most wives, I have NO ability whatsoever to help her at all.  And frankly, since I've been skiing my whole life, I have a bit of a hard time trying to explain the basics.  My 12 year old son, is at her level or above, so not sure if he would be better off with her in a private or in a group of his own age.


Any suggestions, especially on specific instructors that might be able to get my wife out of her fear zone, would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey Elduderino, I've been going to Alta on a regular basis and am quite familiar with some of the instructors and their approach.  Alta instructors are really good, and private lessons will greatly help improve your technique or that of your significant other.  If you shoot me an email, I can give you some specific names.  Thanks

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