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Are my boots pinching me?

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I have pain on the outer side of my lower left leg. Right where my boots end. I wonder if this is caused by my boots being too loose or too tight and exerting pressure in that area during turns. The pain started Saturday morning when I started sking and became unbearable towards the end of the day's skiing on Sunday. I haven't ruled out the possibility of this being caused by bad technique, however. I do apprecite your input. Thanks in advance.

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I just found a thread very similar to my condition except on the left instead of right. Here it is: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/100515/pain-soreness-on-side-of-lower-leg

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So your boots hurt and you don’t know what to do?

First thing, find a good boot fitter in YOUR area. Trying to fit boots, problem solving over the phone, or online is VERY hard to do. This is not like making a cake by a following a recipe (and I can’t do that either) but more like now to paint (as told by Sevie Wonder)

So a few questions that you can answer that will help this out.

1) What is the shell fit like for length? Remove the liner, put your foot in the shell only, have your toes lightly touching the front of the boot and see how much room is behind your heel and the boots shell. Use a pen as a spacer and measure this for thickness. You want 5-15mm (1/8 to ½ inch) of room. If you have more then 25mm stop here

2) What is the shell fit like for width? Now center your foot front to back, (same amount of room behind the toe and heel) and is the width of your foot touching the sides of the boots shell? You want anything from lightly brushing to 2mm per side. If you have 3mm per side stop here.

3) Do you have any footebds? Most people find a off the rack, or full custom footbed more comfortable, and helps to hold the foot in place better, Get one.

So if you boot is within all of the above parameters we can go on. If you boot is just too big it is not worth working on. Your foot will still move around, you have to over tighten the buckles, and cramp to foot and cut off circulation (cold toes). Your boots are too big, and nothing will make that much better. Don’t waste your time, and money fixing a broken leg with bandaids. You need boots that are 1-2 sizes smaller. If you really want work on what you have, a boot fitter can do somethings, but it will not get much better, and will be $50 - $150 for not much progress.

So now that your boot is within a workable size range in length, width and with a supportive footbed we can go on to getting more info.

A few basic things to check first:

1) You just have one, thin, clean ski sock in the boots
2) You just have a sock in the boot? (no thermals, jewelry, etc)
3) Your toe nails are trimmed short?
4) They are YOUR boots and not borrowed?
5) You are just skiing in your ski boots? (not walking, driving etc)?
6) You dry your liners out at night either with a dryer or remove liners?
7) The left liner, the left footbed are in the left boot and this is on the left foot?
8) You are loosening the buckles if you are not skiing (while standing, on lifts, etc)
9) You are not skiing all day in new boots? They need time to break in
10) Buckles are pointing to the outside?

So your boots are the right size, AND you are doing everything else right, but still the boots are not 100% right. These questions will help a boot fitter will have a better understanding of the problem and can start to help you. Better Or Worse = (BOW)

1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser?

2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks?

3) BOW with any footbeds (custom, stock, none, etc)?

4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)?

5) BOW thru out the day (and when does the pain start?)

6) BOW on the first vs the third day?

7) BOW on harder or easier terrain?

8) BOW with the power straps (velcro straps) tighter or looser?

9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions?

10) Any medical, health, or weight changes since you used them last?

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My boots are a little big for me. About 3/4 of an inch behind the heel. But not as wide. I have very wide feet. I do have footbeds but I could probably use new ones.


As far as the basics go:


1. I use only 1 pair of socks.

2. No jewelry.

3. I try to keep my toenails trimmed as part of basic hygiene.

4. These are my boots.

5. I wouldn't walk around the mall in my ski boots and they are certainly not safe for driving. But I do get around the lodge in them.

6. I leave my boots by the vent (forced hot air) over-night.

7. Left liner's in left, right in right.

8. This I know I should but too lazy to bother with.

9. Boots are 6 years old.

10. I don't understand this one.


So, is the 3/4 inch behind the heel a deal-breaker? Should I try replacing liners/footbed? Thanks in advance.

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maybe too long, and your foot can slide forward into a wider part of the boot?


do the sides of your foot touch the shell, in just the shell only?

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I have barely a mm or two on each side of my foot with the shell only.

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1)  I think that your boots are too wide for you, what is the shell fit like in lenght?


maybe moving the upper cuff, towards the side that hurts (to give it more room) might help

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I noticed something curious as I had the boots on last night. I can barely feel the pain in a flexed position. It's only when I stand up and release the flex that I feel the pain. Could this pain possibly be an over used muscle needed to push the boot back from a flexed position?

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