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Crow Eatin' Time - broke my Dynafit

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So, I have stated numerous times that the Dynafit binding is a tough little sucker that holds up no problem to resort terrain. Well, I am a big believer of being honest so I am here to say that I was able to break one. I was hitting jumps in the terrain park the other day with my girls. Yes yes, Dynafits in the park - probably not a great idea to begin with. But, one of the rear prongs sheered off. As far as I can tell, that's pretty rare and some reports say that there was a bad batch of rear pins/prongs that got out a couple of years ago - about the same age as my binding. The repair was simple and cheap. Anyone else ever see a rear pin sheer off?



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You can break anything if you try hard enough. Dynafits have a pretty well documented track record for toughness in a light package, and I don't figure that will change based on one mishap.

Here's a worrying thought, though. Marker Tours, which have no track record. Anyone have a story? Friend of mine broke part of his heel piece off first time out.

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Ah, bummer Que!  Lo siento.


Re: Marker tours:

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What happened when the pin broke? Auto-tele?

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Actually no, which was kinda interesting. One pin sheered completely off. It caused the boot to rotate and essentially yaw the other pin out of its slot. The pin then dug a little bit of a groove in the plastic of the boot on its way up and basically wedged itself above the plastic "shelf" right above the pin inserts in the boot. The boot sole was resting on the ski - if any of that makes sense. Because I was applying pressure to the ski I didn't notice it at first. It wasn't until I turned the other direction that it started to chatter a little. That's when I stopped to see what was going on. I probably could have skied the rest of the slope in this configuration (delicately) but I was worried about damaging the binding (and boot plastic) further.


I am still a big believer in Dynafit durability. I probably just wont be taking them into the park anymore. Heh! Probably a bad idea to begin with... Which leads me to a more appropriate conclusion of - what the heck was I doing in the park to begin with.  LOL

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