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Ski recommendation?

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I am buying my first pair of NEW skis in 15 years and am looking for some recommendations.  I am an expert skier, female, 5'6", 123 lbs and for the last 8 years have been skiing on a variety of Atomic SL race skis that are 'hand-me-ups' from my teenage racing kids.  I ski almost exclusively in Vermont, so something that holds well on hardpack is a must.  I like a short turn radius ski as there isn't a lot of big open territory here to really let em rip. I would like something that is fast yet maneuverable and that can make the transition from skiing groomed trails to hitting some bump runs and occasional glades. 


My family is suggesting that I try out some all Mountain skis and I don't know where to start.  Many of my friends have the Head Supershapes and like them but the local shop is out of demos.  I tried the Volkl Tierras yesterday and was not wowed.  They held well on hardpack and were quite fast, but not quick (they required a lot of effort to carve a tighter turn) and were meh in the bumps. 


Suggestions, anyone?

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Rossi Avenger 82 or 76 Ti, Blizzard Magnum 8.1 would be good to try.  They are men's skis but you probably haven't been skiing women specific skis anyway so that shouldn't matter.  I'm sure others will have more recommendations.  And welcome to Epic Ski.

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Try the Blizzard Viva 7.6. This ski has been a favorite of the women who bought at the shop where I work p/t. It is a great carver, holding well on hard pack and ice but is also wide enough underfoot (76mm) to handle most eastern snow conditions whether on trail or not.

I skied the mens version and found it to be a pleasurable ski that mated fairly well with my old school biased ski style, but really rocked when I applied some of the new school techniques that I have been learning.

After some minor adustments in technique (swallow some pride and take a lesson) the new equipment will blow you away! Be sure your boots are up to the task as well.

Good luck and have fun!

Rick G
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Thanks for the suggestions.  Keep em coming!  A clarification... I do ski 'new school' but just haven't spent money on new skis in quite a while.  I am now on 2007 Atomic SL race skis and they are getting tired after averaging 45 to 50 days per year on them.  My boots are pretty current -- Nordica Dobermann Aggressor 100s.

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I'd strongly suggest you seek out and demo a set of Fischer Progessor 8s. Very nice eastern ski, great carver/scarver and great in all that crud and chop we get here in the east. A light ski and very responsive, you can "think" it into a turn.


With a 72mm underfoot not so great maybe in the powder and glades. But put it on the list. Similar to the Head SS skis. Excellent on the hard and scratch we live with.

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I second the recommendation for the Fischer Progressor 8+.  Or the new Progressor 10+.   

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