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First time boot buyer

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Hi all,

I am currently planning my skiing holidays in Les Trois Valleys in France and really excited!
I have only skid once or twice before but really loved it. I rented my great before but now wanna buy some essentials. Starting with a good pair of boots of course.

I quiet liked the Atomic and had a look at a couple of websites like this one but found it all quite confusing. I dont wanna go into a shop and buy some overpriced boots (I live in England and doubt that theres good shops anyway near me) I just use once a year. So needs to be on the cheap side but still good quality. Do you have any recommendations on which boots I should go for? And experiences?

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find a good boot fitter, and they will help you.   Atomic, like every other company, will make something close,  Just a matter of finding the best fit, then the boot fitter will work with you to make it perfect.


CEM is in the UK I think?   PM him for more info about england and boot fitting

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