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Broken Thumb Metacarpal

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Crashed in a GS race yesterday injuring my thumb.  Went in for X-rays today and it is really badly broken.  




Going to meet with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow or the next day, expecting to have the operation done this week.


Any idea on recovery time for something like this?  I have broken arms before, but never needed surgery to reconstruct the bone.


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I did that to my left thumb metacarpal my first season of skiing - trying to Wedln in heavy wet thick gloppy snow.  That was the last time I tried doing Stein's Mambo...


Anyway, I spent six weeks in a cast, then a couple of months regaining muscle strength - after a week or so of immobility, your muscles just atrophy to the point where there's no strength whatsoever.  I didn't elect for surgery, the doc just immobilized it and let nature take it's course.  I think the recovery is a bit faster with the surgery, but your physician can telly you more.


I can't say it put much of a crimp in my life - ski season was basically over (late march in southern Michigan) and I just waited until May to start sailing.  I didn't miss any days of work for what that's worth.  I broke my left thumb and I'm right handed - if it's your main hand, it could be more of a problem.  . 


Interesting factoid:  the same day I broke mine,  my wife's colleague's husband had the same injury - he lives in the UP and didn't want to miss any skiing so he brought in his ski poles and had  the doctor form the cast around the  pole so he could keep skiing.  I wasn't that much of a die-hard back then, but at this point I might.  Of course, not every doctor would comply with this request - things are different in the UP.


Good luck with it. It's really not much of a setback in the greater scheme of things.



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Talked to the surgeon today and he said 6 weeks cast, a few months until I have unrestricted capability.  Going in for surgery tomorrow afternoon.  He is hoping for just a few pins without having to make an incision. 


yes, I am right handed so it is proving very difficult to get through the day.  

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I hate it when that happens. 

You will have to ski without poles for a while.

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Ouch, I have broken both thumbs, but never that bad.   It will be quite a while before you feel comfy with that digit.

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Just got home from surgery.  Everything went very well. He was able to use xrays to align everything without an incision. 


jamey thumb postop1.jpg

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