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Looking for some cheap( $40 total) boots for a freind. he was a size 11-12 foot which is lke a 29-30 cm. Salomon SX's or something doesn't have to be nice just cheap. He is just starting and doesn't care what gear he gets just as long as he doesn't have to pay rental fees anymore.

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I think a good place to start would be on EBay. I got some unbelievable deals there on ski equipment. Research before you place your bid and good luck!

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Buying boots is just not a good idea unless you can try them on and wear them for at least 15 to 20 minutes (longer preferably) to see if they really fit. Buying boots any other way is a recipe for disaster. It's not like buying a jacket or a sweater; these things have to fit and if they hurt, your friend will wish he did rent because he will have just thrown his money away.

Go to a shop and spend a little more. I have seen boots for as little as $129.00 canadian.
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