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Surefoot Disaster! Boot reccos for wide womens foot?

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I recently went and got a pair of custom boots made at surefoot - Lange Exclusive 100 shell.  They were so painful and put so much pressure on the sixth toe and outer side of the foot.  After 3 trips back to Surefoot (and 3 ski days ruined causing me to rent at Mammoth, Deer Valley and Canyons), to make adjustments to grind out, punch out the sixth toe area and to thin out the foam in the area, it's still extremely painful.  I've given up hope to having these workout, and am now wondering why I was put in a boot that has a 98mm last - vs another boot w/ 100mm or higher.  Not sure if I should continue working with them or demand a refund and go elsewhere to get a boot fitted.  Further, do I trust that they can make the custom boot fitting process work for me?  


I've done some research about wider boots but not many stores locally carry these boots for me to try on.  


Any advice?  

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strange that the surefoot didnt just make the shell wider?   what did the store(s) do for you to help on the 3 surefoot visits?


I'd go in, and ask for refund, or wider, and start again.   Foam is a great thing for performance, but is not that comfortable for some people too.  Also harder to get the liner to stretch wider if needed.


as far as what boot to try, I'd look for a store, and staff, rather then a brand or model, as most stores SHOULD be able to get you in something that wide.   where are you located?  we might be able to find you someone local

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Hi Dave,


Thanks for responding so quickly.  


The things that Surefoot did for me were 1) grind the inside of the shell, 2) punch out 6th toe space, and 3) thin out the foam on the outside edge of the liner, and finally 4) shaved down/grind on the actual liner. 


Even with the buckles loosely done within 5 mins, it was still extremely uncomfortable, where it didn't feel like my foot could go completely flat.  I know ski boots aren't supposed to feel like a cloud and can deal with less comfort for performance, but feeling pain after only 2 runs each time I tried to use them didn't seem right.  .  


While figuring out what I should do about Surefoot, I did go into another local shop - Doc's Ski Haus (Santa Monica, CA) to get their recco also, and tried on a Nordia Speedmachine 100.  That one felt like it could work for me with some minor adjustment, I wasn't sure if a factory boot would pack out too quickly vs the super hard Surefoot foam.  


Do you know of any other good boot fitters in Los Angeles/Southern California?


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if it is an exlcusive 100 then it is a 100mm shell, the pro version is 97mm, but even with the stretching and grinding it feels no better and starts to hurt within 5 minutes, my money is on either the foam liner just not being the right thing for your foot and is compressing the nerves of the forefoot or a lack of ankle joint dorsiflexion...this is probably the single most destructive thing in  skiing if there is not enough


have you done a shell check to see how much space there is in the shell of the boot both front to back and side to side, the info on how to do this is in the wiki at the top of the forum


good luck gettign sorted

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hi CEM - i had them check the last width on my shell and it was 97 or 98mm.  the 100 is the flex.  I tried on another boot with a 100mm last and it was a little better, but of course it was without the super stiff custom liner also.  i think I will try having them make me a custom boot with the lange delight 90 shell - a 102mm last and see how that goes. 


they did do a shell check to see how much room my foot had, and the right/outer edge was lightly touching the shell even without a sock or the liner.  i will give surefoot another chance to get this boot right otherwise i'll look into getting a refund.


thanks for the input.

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lange make that boot in 2 widths, 97mm and 100 mm irrespective of the flex being 100, ......the 100mm version is pretty wide in the forefoot compared to many other boots with the same measurement, based on what you have said i would think it may not be the shell that is entirely to blame, it may be worth getting a second opinion before jumping in on the big wide shell, if there is too much space then the performance will go out the window however much foam you have pumped into it


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thanks all for the feedback.  i'm in the process of getting Surefoot to refund me on the boots so I can go to another recommended bootfitter (who actually takes more measurements than a machine to read your foot).  no one at surefoot measured out my knees/ankles in relation to each other to adjust the canting, i had to ask them to do every adjustment after i realized it was hurting me!!


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Get a refund. Atomic Live Fit goes from 102-106mm. Also, did Surefit mention u need a Metatarsal arch? Shud help...

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