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Time for new skis

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I need new skis. I am interested in a shorty slalom, as I'm a fall line kind of guy. I ski alot of moguls, too. My main concern is, should I go with the racing models (ex.- Rossi T-Power 9s) or the recreational models (ex.- T-Power Viper). Also, should I go with a short (160) or really short (150)? I am 5' 11", 160 lbs., and use modern shaped ski technique. I don't care at all about floatation, as I have fat skis. Edge hold, quickness, and forgiveness are the 3 most important attributes, in that order.
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I would go recreational myself, however, I would also give some consideration to the Atomic 9.12. Also don't forget about the K2 Mach S, a truly all-mountain shortie. More versatile than the TP Viper, according to the reviews and forgiving enough for a good skier. If moguls are important then the TP Viper seems to be the preferred ski. Another nice versatile ski is the new Head Cyber Space X, and like the 9.12 it has lots of width to deal with crappy snow (115-65-101).

I am also 160lbs (although only 5'7'') and I am currently on a 152cm (AxeCleaver 108-68-98). I would suggest that you go for 160cm length. I am also considering buying new shorties, and the Mach S and 9.12 are at the top of my list. However, I have a good idea of what I like in a short ski, so I will have to demo before making a decision. If the 9.12 is as "wired" as the 9.16 then I will forget about it.

Good luck
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