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Behind Enemy Lines

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      Yesterday I did something that I think most skiers should do.  After skiing half a day with my friend who happens to board we went into the lodge for a break and decided that since our feet were the same size, that we should switch gear and each learn to ride for half a day for a fun experiment.  And I know that that may bother some people because neither of us would then be riding equipment that was designed for us, but I more see it as using rentals.

      Learning to ride half a day was the most fun I have had in a while and my friend loved the skis. To me it seems that there is always some tension between skiers and boarders and this is one way to easily break it.  Take a day having fun and trying the other side.


As always enjoy the snow.

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groundbreaking stuff...keep us updated on your further experiments in human behavior.

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Newguy, kinda the on-snow equivalent of walking a mile in your brother's shoes?


Cross-training is a big part of what we do as instructors. You could add tele in to the mix, too...

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And the best part of cross-training/devolving from skiing to snowboarding is that you can become a PSIA snowboard examiner after just 5 days of snowboarding.  Yipee!

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When I first strapped on a board I wore my motocross jacket and hip pads and I am sooo glad I did. Falls hurt a lot more at my age.


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The first time I strapped on a board was summer on St. Mary's glacier... I think the greatest benefit was that it was a bit steeper than a typical "learning" slope, and so it was just no big deal to keep my downhill edge out of the snow... I think the entire experience helps anyone en la glisse to connect with all that's happening as you slide around on snow...

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WEhen I find a friend who teles or get my own gear I will definitely add it to the mix

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The only challenge I see with doing it the way you did is that there's no way that anyone else on the planet would fit into my boots!


But, I love that you did it. Awesome...

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