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Alright I am 5'8", 155lbs, high level 7 or an 8.

19 yrs old and have outgrown my 160cm rossi b2s

I am in college so I am on a budget.


I have been looking for an all mountain ski and have narrowed it down to a pair of 2010 line prophet 90s for 450$ flat

or a pair of 2010 Dynastar mythic riders for 470$ flat.


I am going to be ordering offline. The website from which I am ordering has list of bindings.

*08 salomon sth 12 for 179.99

*Marker griffon-199.99

*09 salomon z10-139.99

*09 rossi axial 2 140 Ti pro ski binding-229.99

*09 rossi axial 2 freeride 149.99

10 salomon sth 12-199.99

11 sth14-229.95

10 salomon z10-129.99

10 salomon z12-199.99

10 salomon z14-219.99


I will be skiing both and west coast, and love to do the bumps.


The question is which pair is better, I couldn't find any comparisons. I know the msrp on the MR's is higher, but that doesnt necessarily make them better. It seems like they are both made to do the same thing. I really want to know which will do better in the bumps.


Then the next question is what bindings should I get. All those bindings are available for the p90s but only the starred(*) ones are available for the MR's. Are any of those bindings a good deal or should I buy bindings somewhere else.


Thanks for any helpful advice you can give.