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Boston Cliff Drops

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I've been hitting various ledges around the North Shore lately, including what is very likely a first ski descent of Melrose Rock in the fells.  The base depths are pissah right now.  I highly recommend all the spots that are never skiable; Black Rock, Pine Hill, Melrose Rock, Pinnacle Rock, Horn Pond Mountain, Beacon Street Trail area, Windy Hill, Mount Ephraim, the south face of Great Blue Hill, as well as some things on private land I can't divulge.  These places are not likely to be skiable again for years.  Hit em now if you can.


Pictures once I buy a camera.  lol.

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Yea, I've been hitting some rocks in some conservation land in Lexington, skied a bunch of lines I always thought were impossible but would be fun with enough snow.

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Nice nice I'll have to check out the lexington area soon.  Yeah I highly recommend these lines in Melrose.  There's plenty for everyone.  I'm literally the only person riding the whole east slope of the fells, with exposures east and north.  In addition to the cliffs themselves there are a lot of really steep pitches that are basically staircases of ledges with the odd steep chute, and somehow they have enough snow to ski.


Better than that, the monster storm that's headed our way is supposed to snow 5-10 inches then rain for a few hours and then snow another 3-5, which is the perfect base builder to cover rocks, because the rainwater drains through the snow to the rocks and then freezes up creating that base of ice that protects the skis from certain core shots.

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It's a bit far outside Boston, but Harvard, Mass has some conservation land that I've always though looked skiable and even gnarly.  Especially Pin Hill, which is the wooded area between 111 and Depot Road (an interesting bit of trivia: this hill was apparently the source of slate for most of the old, slate gravestones in the Boston area).  From the road there are some pretty crazy looking lines.  Besides that, the town is filled with hilly conservation land and I'm sure there's a lot to be found.

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