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Canyon Sports Rental Fleet

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I'm looking to reserve my skis online ahead of my trip in two weeks and Canyon Sports seems to be the most logical place to rent from. However, they don't list anywhere what skis or even what brands they have available for rentals. I'm looking to rent their demo level skis; anyone have an idea what my range of options for their demo line would be. Also I'm new to renting in general I've always bought gear--how much hassle is it change skis. Do I just call with my BSL and Skier Type and pick up the skis initially and then just call and come in and do a quick swap mid-week. Or is it a come in, drop off the old skis, and then wait for them to tinker around and get new skis prepped for me?

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Just give them a call and see how everything works.  If they aren't willing to walk you through the process then you should probably rent from somewhere else.



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Disclaimer - this is based on my one and only experience with them. So this may be an unfair generalization.  But it's all the info I have....


The store I went to reminded me of a resort base rental shop more than a typical ski store.  Because of the unique geography of SLC, people must stop there on the way up instead of renting at the resort like they would most places.


As the previous poster says, talk to a real live person in the exact store you are going to, rather than relying on the website. If they have what you want and can give you dibs on it, great. 


If not, some of the other stores seemed to be a little less mass marked oriented.  And surprisingly, the Brighton ski shop seemed to have a great demo fleet.  (Solitude, not so much, but I think there may be another shop in one of the other buildings.)  Didn't look at the LCC places.

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Because I'm planning to ski in LCC, PC, and Snowbasin I'm looking to stick with a shop in SLC. I looked at another shop, but their "premium" (their highest level rental package) package only had four skis to pick from and none of them were on my list of skis I'd like to try. Speaking of which my current list of possible ski choices to try (in no particular order) are:


Line Prophet 100

Icelantic Nomad or Shaman

Volkl Goatama


Anyone know of any rental shops that would carry the above?

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I havent used them myself, and they dont have those skis, but they do have some others that are interesting.

I think there was a thread awhile back where someone used them...


For an extra $25 they will deliver.


This site http://www.skisite.com/shopsList.cfm?state=UT  has an extensive list of stores.  The ones I spot-checked are pretty vague about what skis they have.  I think you are going to have to work the phones.  The interwebs are letting you down here.

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+1 for Wasatch Powderskis

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I'd love to get on some of them BROS and DPS!  They are likely one of the only places you could demo those.

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+1 for Wasatch Powderskis

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