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Help picking out skis

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I am thinking about getting some skis and bindings and was wondering if any of you had any experience with these particular skis.  I have narrowed it down to four different skis, that are all about the same price.  1) new Head Monster 76 skis with Marker 10 bindings, 2) Head Monster IM 70 skis with VIST speedlock bindings,  3) K2 Apache Recon skis with Saloman 12 bindings, or 4) used for two days Head Peak 76 skis with Head RF11 bindings.  All four of the skis are 163cm.  What are some of the key differences between each of these skis?  I am an advanced skier who enjoys a mix of fresh powder, moguls, trees and groomed runs.  I mainly ski blue/blacks, but do mix in some blues and blacks.  I'm 5'8" and weight 175# and ski around 10 days a year.


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Dude, you weigh 175 lbs and you are looking at 163 cm skis?  I would not call that 'advanced' in any shape or form.  Seriously, my wife weighs 65 lbs less than you and rides skis that long- and she is not an aggressive skier.  Sorry, I don't have any experience with any of the groomer skis you listed, but I would definitely consider something longer if I were you. 

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My skis are 165-170 area. I'm the same height and got 20 lbs on you . I don't like my monsters but my wife lovs hers ( 170)

My RC4s are 165.

I don't know anything about the ones you are looking for but just saying the length looks OK from were I sit. ( I have a pair of powder that are a bit longer but that's not what you are looking for)

And I would classify myself as an advanced skier, not Alberta Tomba, Ken Reid , or the Mayer Brothers level but pretty darn agressive on those green circles. So hopefully someone who knows a couple pairs you listed may have a clue.

Best if you could find and demo some, one mans ski is anouther mans piece of fire wood.

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