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Contact 4x4 and ....?

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I weigh 140-150 lbs and normally have great fun with a pair of 165 cm 4x4. It was dumping the last two times I went to Mammoth, and I found out that I had to be very careful to avoid sinking the tips and got stuck on flatter slopes. (I was surprised that my old Metron B5 was better in the deep, heavy snow.) I suppose I will have a lot more fun with wider skis in such condition.  I want something to complement the 4x4 off piste but versatile enough to have fun on groomers or when it hasn't snowed for some time. I am thinking of the Mythic Rider worry that it may be too similar to the 4x4? Other possibilities are Watea 84 or Watea 94. Which ski and at what length would you recommend?


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Is the Watea94 too much ski for 140lbs in Mammoth?

Does the Watea84 overlap too much with the Contact 4x4?

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I don't think that the Watea 94 in the 170cm length would be too much ski at all.  You're skiing a pretty strong ski in the 4x4 and could likely handle the Watea easily.  The Watea 84 probably isn't enough different from the 4x4 to make it a good addition to your quiver.  You might also want to think about the Sultan 94 in the 172cm length.  I think it's a bit softer than the Watea and could work if you think the Watea is too stiff.


Why don't you contact Philpug or SierraJim at StartHaus in Truckee and set up some demos?  They will also have other skis to suggest.



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Is the Watea94 too much ski for 140lbs in Mammoth?

Does the Watea84 overlap too much with the Contact 4x4?

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Thank you for your suggestions. I didn't know the Watea94 also comes in 170 cm, thought the shortest was 178 cm. The StartHaus is great. I was in fact looking at JimSierra's youtube videos about these skis.



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What length are your B5s? You must be a strong skier to ski the Contact 4x4 in a 165cm weighing what you weigh.

As one that owns 172cm Contact 4x4, 176cm Watea 84s, and 186cm(too long) Watea 94s, you would probably be able to ski the new 94s in a 170cm. The new ones are a little softer and have a more dramatic turn up in the tail(thereby shortening the base length somewhat.)

That being said, I really like my 84s, and find they perform very well in the soft stuff and feel you would definitely find a major difference between them and your 4x4s.

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My B5s are 152cm. I love making short turns with them, but overall I like the Contact 4x4 more unless it's more than 8" of Sierra snow. It seems the stiffness of the 4x4 (and the B5 too) helps me hold the egde and ski fast with confidence. In deeper snow, the B5s feel as short as they look, but at least their tips float more, the 4x4s tend to nose dive. I think my technique (or lack of it) makes it worse; I usually try to pull the feet back and pressure the tip of the ourside ski to initiate a new turn.


Since I don't have many days on snow each season, I rather "cheat" by getting fat skis to have fun than improving my powder technique. But I am also told that fat skis are not that easy to ski well. Therefore I don't want to make too big of a leap that I can't handle. I have never been on anything fatter than 78mm. Thanks for your inputs

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