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The guys at DPS are at it again.




Introducing the DPS Spoon and the patent pending DPS Cleat Technology.

The Spoon is a revolutionary new design that moves deep snow skiing into the future.  In 2007, DPS' Stephan Drake started looking for ways to increase ski angle to encourage lift for more dynamic, stylistic carves and slides in deep snow.   Deeply convex bases became the focus. However, the inherent problem with base convexity is that a ski becomes dangerous in harder snow and sketchy entrances due to the obvious lack of edge grip.  Enter DPS' patent pending Cleat Technology: a 3-D downward vertical undulation in the edge combined with a convex base. Cleat Tech endows a spoon shaped ski with useable edge at low ski angles for hard snow. At the same time Cleat Tech doesn't compromise the ski's flex pattern, or the convex bases' dramatic performance gains in deep snow.

The Spoon moves ski design into a complex world of four dimensions where shape rocker, base convexity, and cleats all must work together in a synergistic design.  Welcome to the future.