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Hey everyone! Just throwing out that obligatory new guy hello!


I'm in the Northern Va area. I use to ski regularly from 1990-2001 (got married and had a kid). Just took my son skiing for the first time this past weekend and he loved it! So we're planning on making it a regular winter activity. 


I always rented back in the day, and around the time I decided I would buy my own gear, I meet a girl (go figure!). :) But now, I'm a little bit older and a lot more stable (financially), so I'm taking the plunge and reading up on the new gear to see what's out there so I can buy my own gear and maybe doing a Jr. trade in program for my son. Right now I have the Dalbello Aerro 67 for boots (since I have wide feet) and either the Volkl AC 20 Unlimited or the AC 30 Unlimited. Just gotta do some more researching before I make a final decision. 


So there it is, my first post, typical FNG! ;)