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Fast skis tonight...

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I have taken a special interest in tuning this year and have enjoyed this section of Epicski quite a bit. 


I purchased a set of new 08' Rossi Radical WC GS skis in 181 for this season, and was lucky enough to get on the snow right around Thanksgiving.  I have been sking no less than 3 days per week, and though I wish I was out West or East, I can't complain.


Though it might seem excessive, I have tuned and waxed my skis each before each trip to the hill.  I am using blue Swix sport wax with a temp range of 12 to 24 (whatever it is).  Essentially the cold stuff, but not the really cold, and that's pretty much the weather temp range around her so it's been a good choice.


In general, I have had great results but tonight I couldn't believe how fast my skis were!  Maybe it was all in my head but I'm telling you, I ski alot and am in tune with my equipment and it was a whole different game.


What did I do different?  Last night when I got back from the hill I laid my skis on top one of the cast iron radiators in my house.  I have one in particular that is almost as long as my skis.  I took the temp on the surface and it is 85 degrees.  When I got up in the morning, they were toasty warm. I did a good wax job, and then put them back on the radiator for 7 hours until I headed back up to the hill. 


The conditions from yesterday to today were similar, but tonight I couldn't believe how slippery they felt.  I ski very hard and fast, taking lap after lap like it's a work out and it was the most fun I had all season.  Can you say Hot Box???  Or even the low end of the scale when you let wax and ski base warm up and meld??  I am a believer, thanks for all your posts about hot boxes, tuning etc!


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I have had similar experiences with several waxes. My best guess, the temperature, snow crystal shape, and snow humidity were all optimal for your wax. I hope you enjoyed it, because like a great golf swing, super fast wax job on skis is elusive.  But maybe your hot non-box adds something special.

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 I know what I experienced last night could have been a number of different things.  More than likely just in my head!  But when reading posts about how scientists have proven that waxing is a myth, I just have to laugh.  Sometimes you just know something to be true, through experience, regardless of what some egg head might have discovered in a lab.  I just love the concept "tricks of the trade" and waxing/tuning falls into that category.  No different than gear heads who work on their cars, bikes and sleds, or the farmer who is growing monster pumpkins.  All good fun and it keeps you interested in your hobby. 

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