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Hello Everyone,


We booked at trip to Lake Tahoe a few months ago and with all that early season snow things were looking great until recently.  I keep checking here and the conditions don't sound very good and it doesn't sound like any new snow is expected soon. Our trip is scheduled for Feb 26- Mar 4 which is plenty of time for things to change. If we do it soon we could change our flights, hotel and rental car to Salt Lake city for just about the same price.


So should we pull the trigger on changing the trip to SLC or stick with Tahoe and hope for a change in the weather that will bring new snow.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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You've got quite a bit of time for things to improve around Tahoe.  Why did you pick Tahoe in the first place?  If the reason was fairly compelling, I'd stick with the plan.  Utah does, however, have a remarkable track record for good snow at its higher elevation ski areas.  If the cost differential is low and good snow is by far your highest priority, then switching is playing the odds.

Here's a good explanation of why so much warm January weather in Tahoe:


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Did you stick to your plans?  Tahoe resorts are reporting 2-3 feet of new snow today with much more on the way.ski.gif

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