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Out of the Game for awhile, They sell skis over 60 wide?

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Hi all


I've been out of the skiing scene for awhile.  The more I search for new skis, the more options I keep seeing (nice but confusing).  I grew up skiing MN ice (Welch, Afton, Frontenac) now live in WI.  Started skiing in '85 with 6th grade ski club and skied alot throughout high school.  I was quite confident on midwest blacks and could easily handle blues.  But my ability to get to the hill has declined since my college days.  I bought a pair of Salomon X Scream 9's (193) in 2000 with the hopes of getting back into it.  This was my first encounter with shaped skis.


The X Screams are alright, I believe they're 66 waist, but I'm thinking they're a tad on the long side.  I've skied them a few times (6-7) and have found they really respond when I really get on them but they feel sketchy when I'm just putzing around.  Too long ( I think ) for moguls, but I haven't really got confidence back since blowing a knee on some after hitting the Blue 100 outta the bota bag. Stupid things you do when you're young hissyfit.gif.   I used to ski 195 straights so I thought I'd go shorter since parabolics were all the rage at the time, but I don't think I went short enough.


Anyways...I'm looking for one ski that can cover midwest bluff skiing as well as trips up to the UP trees (Porkies, Bohemia).  I've got it narrowed down and I'm not looking for reviews of skis (THERE ARE PLENTY ON THIS EPIC SITE).  But I would like a push in the right direction for length especially in the skis I have chosen.  I'm 6'1" 240Lbs.  Never skied real trees, but willing to try, will mostly be on groomers.  Someday I'll be all growed up and have a quiver of skis.


Choices are between:

Sultan 80's

Atomic Blackeye Ti ( when did they drop the Arc from their name??)

Rossi Avenger 76 or 82 (probably Ti's for 76 CA for 82's)

Contact Cross

Volkl 20


I think the Cross and 20's are the narrowest of them but I don't know if that means they're too narrow for solid tree skiing?  I won't be doing that alot, but I don't want to limit myself. 




PS  I currently still wear Salomon Equipe 92 rear entry boots, nice back in 1992, crap now ( I don't think they make RE boots anymore).  I have ordered 2010 Lange Blaster Pro's.  That could be part of the problem with controling the screams at slow speed?? 

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Uh, welcome. What is with the Great Lakes first timers, and why do you/they show up with the same story, different levels of detail, and same list of skis? Suggest scrolling down the forum and pull up one of the other threads started by a brand new Michigan guy getting back into skiing and interested in the same skis you are....pretty much the same advice you'll get, corrected for size and weight. 

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Uh, Thanks.  Because I have yet to see a post with someone as fat as me asking for advice on ski length.  Let me know now if this sight is full of people like you oozing condescention and I'll scram.  What's with you/people posting replys to simple questions with such an aire of indignation?  Don't like the question don't answer.



You remind me of someone....hhmmm.  "You people, stay out of our way.  You can ski on zat side or on zat side but stay out of zee middle." 

You need to work on your manners Rudy.  Anyone more like Squirrel that wants to answer, I'm all ears.




Wrong Foot



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Everyone here is going to tell you the most important part of your equipment is your boots. Without boots that are appropriate for your weight, skill level, and terrain selection, properly fitted, every ski will suck. You say you "ordered" boots.....did you get fitted for them first? Are they the correct size and shape for your foot? Appropriate for your level?


Yes, your Screams are too long and too narrow. Something in the 80-90 width range and 177-184 long would be best. If you're headed to Bohemia, just rent some of their skis....since they don't snowmake or groom, your usual skis will still be too narrow and they will get TRASHED.


The best thing you can do is be seen by a GREAT boot fitter, get good boots that fit, then demo a bunch of skis to find the one that floats YOUR boat. Yes, it takes time and it takes money, but you'll be much happier in the long run.

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First of all, I don't think anyone makes rear entry boots anymore, thankfully.  Those things were dangerous.  Second, you say you just ordered some Lange boots.  Do you order them over the internet?  If that is how you ordered them how do you know they will fit?  And that is a very serious question.  Boots are much more important than skis.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis on boot fitting.  When your boots arrive do a shell fit as described and then, most likely, box them up and return them.  Find a ski shop that has a boot fitter and get boots that actually fit your feet.


Regarding ski length, around 180 is probably about right given your weight.  When you have boots that fit properly, demo some skis and see what you like.

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Hi Thanks.  I got fitted at the local shop, then found a great deal on last years boot online.  Don't know if he was a good boot fitter, but he was olderish, had a long gray beard and was heading up to Bohemia tomorrow.  Talked about wedging up my insole for straightening up my stance.  Anything today will be better than the S92E's.  RIP rear entrys.  The Lange's are 100 flex, think that should hold me up when I'm really pushing them.

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My brothers wifes sisters boyfriend has the Blaster Pro 100 and loves them, and he's an OK guy.  About my size.  It's been awhile and I'll have to stop by the Boot Guys section and see what they say.  So at the shop do you sit and go thru boxes and boxes of the same ski boot until you get to one that specifically fits (are there that big of diff between every boot)?  Or are you saying go get fitted for the boot you like and if they fit nice, wide toe box etc. then you can order them online if you find a good deal? 

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I'm about your size (6'2" 250) and ability, I started when I was 8, skiied all through HS, took several years off, just came back this season & just bought new skiis myself.  I ski mostly hardpack groomed Ohio snow but I imagine its similar to your MN and WI frontside stuff.  I don't spend much time on moguls and I don't do the parks, so I really just wanted something stiff to cary my weight and hold an edge on turns.


I tried some X Screams today & found them way too soft.  I've read great reviews on everything on your list with the exception of the AC20, I'd suggest the AC30 or AC50 over the 20.  I saw a few mixed reviews saying they were too stiff, but most of those reviewers were like 5'9" and 170lbs.  The reviews I saw coming from guys our size were much better.  I ultimately went with Racetigers, if you have a chance to demo them or tigersharks I'd give them a try.  They aren't quite as wide but unless you're going to spend a lot of time in powder, I think you'll find them ligher, more agile, and quicker edge to edge.  I found the 177/178's just right personally, 173/174s or 181/184s would also be worth trying to compare.


If you're considering the contact cross, you might also look at the contact 4X4 too.  I didn't get a chance to try them but I saw some glowing reviews.


Good luck on your search!

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Unless I had specific experience with a pair of boots, like my Tecnica Diablo Pros, and wanted another pair exactly like them I would never order boots online.  I would go to my local shop and deal with someone who knows how to fit a boot and will do the often necessary grinding and punching to make them fit my feet as close to perfect as possible.  And he doesn't charge for that service, it is part of the cost of buying the boots there.  If I buy the boots online and then take them in to be worked on I can expect to be charged for it.  I bought my boots 4 seasons ago and just needed a bit of work done to them this week.  I took them back to the same guy and the work was done, no charge.  Next season I will be buying new boots and guess who I will buy them from.


Your description of the fitting process is way off.  A fitter will measure the length and width of your foot to get a rough idea of what size you need.  If you have narrow feet there isn't any sense in having you try on boots made for wide feet.  A particular boot model is only made in one width and one flex rating.  My boots happen to be made on a 98mm last which is very narrow.  Someone with a wide foot would not even be able to get into them.  I could wear a much wider boot but I would lose control of my skis because my foot would be moving around in the boot.  Most likely you would only try on 2-3 different boots to find the one that was the best fit.  The Lange Blast Pro is built on a 102mm last which is pretty wide.  If you don't have wide feet your feet will be able to move laterally in the boot which will affect your control of the ski.  At your weight, I'm not sure a 100 flex is enough, but assuming they fit correctly they might be OK.

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FWIW, your experience of the XScreams is actually pretty typical of that model range: you have to really bend them before they respond, and there is very little feedback from the ski before that point. This was not true of other shaped skis in that waist & length range in those years.
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Thanks much for the advice and info.  I'm going to really check these boots out when they get here.  I guess I've known people that were really into tweaking their boots, but I guess it wasn't the norm back then.  If the boot feels good for your ski stance and you can cant them around the cuff or insole, and you think its strong enough for you, go for it, was how we did it. 


Thanks for the experience with size info dkb!  Big boned advice was what I was looking for. I've read all the both the Contacts are solid performers for larger guys. 

Also looked at Tigersharks.  Like them, heard they're mainly for fast groomers, with little chance of over the fence stuff tho.



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Awesome boots as long as they fit right.  Don't get a Volkl AC30, don't even dream of getting an AC50...  That's going to be a heck of a ski to get back into skiing with.  It will throw you around like there's no tomorrow, even if you are big enough to flex it.  I would def check out the Rossi line up, really great especially for bigger guys because the ski is so stable and pretty stiff.  Avenger 82 or 76 would be great depending what you are going to be skiing on.  76 is a better racey-er ski while the 82 handles crud just a tad bit better.  Neither are good in powder really, but the Ti model would be a little better in the trees because it is slightly less stiff (I believe, but I may be wrong so someone yell at me if I am)

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And if you really lay back on them, they shoot you out like a pinball!

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Don't even tell me you don't use that as a "Heigh-ho, Silver!" move when you start at the top of the run. biggrin.gif
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Guilty, also at the base of the hill when it flattens out. 


I've called around to shops and hills around here and there's no demoing planned around here for awhile.  S.O.L.  I think it will be between the Sultan 80's or the Rossi Avenger 82's.  Maybe the Blackeye's.  Probably 177 for Rossi's and maybe 172 for the narrower Sultan.  I like the idea of a shorter ski I can really fool around on.  I hope 172 won't be too short.


Did Atomic officially drop the Arc after their name?

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