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To rent or buy? The eternal question...

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Hi! This is my first post after a brief period with lurkdom, and the title says it all. My husband and I are headed to Durango at the end of Feb and we are trying to decide if we should rent boots or buy them while we're there. Here's the lowdown on us:


- We're both beginner skiers but not never-evers. Last year we went to Winter Park and could comfortably ski all the blue-blacks there. I'd say we're between a 5 and 6 depending on the day. We always take lessons, and plan to do so this trip. 

- We live in south TX and try to ski every year but of course it's not a given. I would NOT feel comfortable trying to buy boots here, I can't imagine the fitters are worth a patoot. 

- We've only ever rented equipment, obviously. H has skied about 10 times in his life (that would be ten trips of a week or so) and me, maybe half that.

- That said, I especially am getting really into it and wouldn't mind making an investment, esp since our closest friends are moving to Utah. 


I am leaning towards buying boots once we are in CO but my main fears are:

- getting ripped off in a resort town, esp since we have no experience with this

- having to spend the whole trip breaking in boots and not having any fun. We will have five days to ski. 



Thanks, guys! 

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Ski shops that don't know how to fit boots are everywhere, not just resort towns.  Of course in a resort town might just be a good place to find a very good fitter.  I don't know who is in Durango but one of the other guys might.


Properly fit boots are broken in by fitting them.  They should be very comfortable from the moment you leave the store.  If not go back immediately for adjustment.


There is no reason a well fit boot won't ski much better than a rental and you should enjoy your vacation more.  Start investigating the possibilities there now, make an  appointment and buy good boots.



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Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it! Thanks especially for the tip on breaking in, I did not realize that was what the fitting process was about. Guess I should re-read the wikis! I am leaning towards buying now, if anyone else out there has some more advice, please chime in.

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JessBB, I have skied for 42 seasons and had never used rental boots until I managed to forget my boot bag one day when I was scheduled to teach a couple years ago. After skiing on rentals that morning (after not getting a group at lineup), I think I started a thread here saying I figured out why so few people ever come back after their first experience: rental equipment is terrible!


I am sure that some rental equipment is somewhat comfortable, and when you're lucky, you may even get skis that are tuned. But, they will never come close to your experience using your own boots, especially if they are fit to your feet and your physiology by someone who knows what they are doing.


You might want to ask specifically in a thread with an appropriate title for recommendations for fitters in and around Durango. I'm afraid I can't help you with that part of the state...



That said, buying boots, hands down, is the best investment you can make in your skiing...


...and do come back and tell us how wonderful it was after you've done it! wink.gif

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