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Cockaigne Ski Resort in Western NY burns to the ground

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Small, but locally legendary ski resort was devestated by a fire which burned the ski lodge to the ground. Sad to see something like this happen. Rumor has it that the owner didn't have insurance for the property because it was too costly.


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Wow, that's terrible. Hopefully the speculation is wrong and there was insurance on it.

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This is so sad.  We hope that the owner has insurance and is able to rebuild.

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That's odd, given that Big Powderhorn burned down two weeks ago.

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The adult race league I am in was scheduled to race at Cockaigne this Saturday. The race was moved to Peak N Peak. The Cockaign race wwas a dual GS and always fun. The bar rocked on! It will be missed.

Rick G
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My wife grew up skiing at Cockaigne as a kid. She took me there once a few years ago and i loved it. Beautiful hill. Only a few hundred vertical, but charming and fun runs and the snow conditions seemed to be the best of any of the local W. NY hills we visited. Seriously the bar was amazing. I am sure it will be missed.

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Their snow phone says they are planning to re-open next week. The lodge burned down, and they currently are sans a rental fleet and their ski school records, but the mountain operations were unharmed.

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that's great to hear...might go up there after trip to whiteface to give them some patronage :)

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Crap !! I hadn't heard! (Big Powderhorn)  I've stayed there.  That's really sad news- the old bavarian style of the lodge will probably not be replicated.  And it was all just one building

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"The Legend" is reopening this week. My Wife is the ski advisor for our local school and they ski there Friday nights. Peak n Peek had offered to honor their passes but the school declined for bussing and safety reasons. Nice of them to offer btw.


The local Red Cross and the National Guard are going to set up tents and they will bring in a few mobile units for operations and room for guests to put their equipment on etc. No, there was no insurance on the building, but there was on the lost equipment and business operations.


Although things won't be the same for a while or ever, the ski hill will remain open for all who ski there. I have skied there many times over the years. It's just a little podunk bump on the planet with only a couple hundred vertical, but it has been the starting place for many sucessful skiers over the years. The bar was unique and the firepit always welcome for a warmup.


The building itself was purchased and shipped here from Austria by the owner after seeing it at the World Fair there many years ago. It was dismantled and shipped here by ship to NY city then shipped here by rail, erected in a few months. It was an amazing site, "The Legend" as is ABasin is called, is no ways near the caliber, but still will be missed.


The place has been struggling to stay open the past few years because of the other larger resorts here. The reason for no insurance is beyond me, but the owner is hurting, even more so now. Too bad.

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Any pics of the old lodge. (and how are you supposed to pronounce the name? Looks an awful lot like "cocaine" to me)

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it's pronounced, Kah caine

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