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Ski boot problems - advice please!

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I've been skiing for some time, but I recently bought all of my own equipment. While I love my skis, I'm having a considerable amount of boot problems. Primarily - extreme pain along almost the entire base of my foot and movement in the boot. The latter problem is likely just a matter of going down a boot size, but I've gone round and round trying to fix the former issue.


1. I've been told my foot supanate by a boot fitter - not great for skiers I suppose.

2. The pain starts on my front foot pad but eventually encompasses the entire bottom of my feet. It's not arroudn the foot, it's not compression due to boot size (see above size comment) it seems just the amount of pressure applied to the bottom of my feet while skiing.

3. I have a pair of Solomon Mission RS 7s. I took out the soft boot and found literally no footbed, just plastic slats along the bottom of the hard boot. I'm thinking it's related...

4. I've never felt this type of pain, even from rented boots (I've had to rent boots in the middle of the day to keep skiing).

5. Off the shelf orthodics haven't helped, in some cases made the issues worse.

6. I can get custom orthodics, but the price is somewhat close to the actual price of the boot (likely another sign of why I have the pain).

7. I've tried socks with heavier cushion on the bottom to absorb some shock - no effect.


I'd rather invest in new boots (have a boot fit guarantee with the store and I can get credit toward new ones) then try to make these work with a custom orthodic...because if it doesn't I'm still back at square one. Thinking new boots would be the best solution for both problems.  


I need some recommendations on boots. I've got low arches. Thinking an actual footbed in the base of the boot would be good. I have narrower feet so I've mostly tried solomons, technicas, and nordicas.



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What you are describing sounds like pain from being in too large of a boot.


If there is too much volume, especially if you have a tendency to ski in an "old school" style (like folks used to ski straight skis with), too much volume in the toebox will allow your toes to slide forward, and get crushed in the front of the boot.


The pain from this is EXACTLY what you are describing. I fought with this over two bad boot purchases- I have a very wide foot, so was buying boots that fit the width, but ended up with too much space in the toebox, allowing the foot to slide foward. The pain was not in my toes, but across the pads of my feet, radiating across the entire bottom on the toe from there.


I eventually got into a smaller boot, and a bootfitter that rammed out the shell for width. Now I have ZERO problems with this.


The tendency with boot pain is to loosen the buckles, but in many cases, the problem is that you are starting too loose. Try tightening them in- you need to keep your foot from moving.


However, if a boot is too big, there is very little that can be done to get it to work.  If a boot is so large as to allow the foot to move, most likely you will need to purchase a correctly sized boot.

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^^^^ What he said, plus not clear why you took out the footbed. Suggest a different pair of (smaller) boots with a decent orthotic; I like Superfeet but others have other favs. Mainly, post this over in the boot forum, bunch of pros there will do a better job of diagnosis than us hacks. 

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I rock superfeet, and for anybody with the slightest need for support (which is most folks), having an insert over the stock one is a good idea.


But, they will not do anything for a boot that is too big.


I missed the part about the footbed. A missing footbed would certainly allow a lot more volume itno the boot, and it makes no sense for it to be missing. You are sure on this?

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When I took out the soft boot (er...liner) there was no footbed to be found in the bottom of the hard boot. It wasn't there to begin with!

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I've seen boots without them. As long as nobody removed them, I doubt that is part of your problem.


I think the real problem is that you don't have the right size of boot.


Go see a pro bootfitter.

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Best help I can give is to put this in the right forum - "Ask the bootfitters"

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Most boots, but not all, have a removable footboard(zeppa) underneath the liner.  I recently bought and then later returned a pair Salomon Quest boots that did not have a removable zeppa, but it was solid underneath the liner.  "Slats" makes it sound like the boot should have a zeppa but it is missing.  If that is the case, the boots need to be returned no matter what.  I also found the Salomons had the worst possible sockliner(inside the liner), nothing but a highly compressible piece of totally flat foam, utterly useless.


My first question is how were you fitted for these?  Did the shop do a shell fit?  If they did a shell fit I don't understand how the boots would end up being too long.  With the liner out, you put your foot into the shell with toes against the end.  If there is a 1/2-3/4" space behind your heel, that's the right length.  Anything more than that is too long.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting.  Ask questions there too if you need more advice.  Then take the boots back and make them live up to their guarantee.  Also, get your foot measured for width.  I always had the impression I had sort of wide feet until I bought my last pair of boots and discovered that I could wear narrow(98mm last) boots with no discomfort.  Your feet may be narrower or wider than you think.

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Appreciate the assistance. I'm new to the site and reposted my question in the "Ask the Bootfitters" section. Thanks for the feedback you provided.

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