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Question for shop guys/owners and everybody else!

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   Probably a weird question but need input, to show my boss!  If you have seen next years product , you can base your answers on that, as well.  If you could pick only four boot brands for your wall, and your customers ranged from those buying very inexpensive boots to those who bought the best ( probably not including race plug boots).  which 4 companies would you choose.  I will leave my thoughts to myself!!.  If your real bored do the same with skis. I think skis are tougher because, what sells the best doesnt necessarily mean it skis the best.  All of your help is appreciated!


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Not a shop owner, but kind get the drill, have been buying gear for way too many decades.


Nordica, since they have a big model range, good middle price stuff, and fit most normal shape/vol feet.

Dalbello or Full Tilt, cabrios are becoming more and more popular among freestylers, bumpers. For feet that are narrower in front. Dalbello makes an excellent AT and touring boot. Some nice overlaps now too. 

Lange, since they fit narrow to medium feet, some new models like the Blaster have wider forefoot but stiff flex, like Sollies, with walk mode, have the best higher end/racing stuff. Although they seem to dump a lot at the end of the season...

BD, since you're in MT, and a lot of folks around there will want a solid AT boot that also rips on lift served, fit works on most feet. 

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Tecnica... Bliz-Tec is just firing on all cylinders right now, riiide the wave with a great fitting boot.


Lange..New RX/RS boots are fantastic


Dalbello..still have a soft spot in my heart for the Krypton, the best of the 3 buckle boots. 


Salomon..Will see what they are doing for next year. TBA.


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My shop (if I had one), would have the following brands of boots and skis (if limited to 4 brands each):





(in my opinion, in the boot market there is Lange and then there is everyone else...unless you are buying custom like SureFoot)












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Full Tilt









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Technica, Lange, Nordica, Salomon should cover most skiers with something. I'm a Technica skier, like the Agent series, several stiffness models, touring and alpine, buy what suits you to emphasize your skiing style. And that's last year, now still coming on strong.


Dynastar, Salomon, Rossignol, Volkl

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Interesting comments.


Are any of the responders shop owners?


I skied Tecnica boots for nearly 20 years and loved them.  In 1989 when I started I was a pro rep in my ski area and the Tecnica TNT was ahead of its time.  Also one of the easiest boots to fit according to the shop that sold them locally. 


However - and a big one - the margin on Tecnicas was very slim so was not appealing to retailers.


Anyone know if this is still true?




BTW - still love the boots even if no longer skiing on Tecnica

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dalbello has some nice fringe boots (race, AT, 3prt)

nordica:  good fits, people know the brand, closeouts avail

full tilt:  cult following, good marketing

technica:   good following, wide range of fits from 104mm to plug.

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Dalbello Krypton series or Full Tilt









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