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New guy here.  A little about myself: late '40s, 5'-7", 185lbs, been skiing for 30 years, stuck at level 6-7 for about the last 20 years, partially due to limited days on hill (completely off skis from 2000-2008).  Lucky to get in 6 days a year.  Typical skiing for me would be at Squaw, 80% in Siberia Bowl, Shirley Lake, Emigrant, and 20% on easy runs off Granite Chief and KT-22.  My last pair of skis were Salomon X-Scream 8s in a PR7, which I liked a lot (purchased around 11-12 years ago).  Probably not going to get a lot better due to limited time to ski.  I'm one of those skiers whose technique starts to fall apart in moderate moguls and heavy crud.


Skis that I'm looking at are Salomon X-Wing Storms, Rossignol Avenger 76 Ti, and Volkl AC20 (or maybe AC30).  One of the problems I'm facing is limited ability to demo.  In the North Tahoe area the only ones I know I can demo for sure are the Volkls.  Any suggestions on skis I should consider, and how I can try before I buy?