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Bandit XX 184 02/03 FT

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I have a pair of 184 Bandit XX that I got for christmas, only problem is they are too long for me. So I'm wondering if anyone is in the opposite position and would like to trade a smaller pair (177, X or XX) for my pair. If you have another all mountain ski of that quality/size, I'd consider that also. They have been used one day (couldn't use them more because of an injury... ) and have a pair of salomon s810 ti axe bindings on right now. I could deal with or without the bindings. You can PM or email me at jjk4@cec.wustl.edu for questions.
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I am in St Louis, MO, so if anyone is nearby, that would be great. Will ship also however.
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For those looking to buy, I have not decided a price yet. For now I am going to wait for a trade, but if there isn't any luck with that soon, i will set a price then. I'm looking to cover the cost of a used pair of smaller used skis, so it should be around the price of other used bandits. As far as bindings, I will have to see what I decide to buy and then see if I will keep the bindings or sell them with the skis.

Until then, come with trade offers, and I'll post when I decide to sell for sure.
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how about a trade for 2001-2002 K2 Axis X 181 cm with Salomon 912 PE bindings?
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I have 2002/2003 Atomic R 9:22 in 180cm..new in plastic. Would love a trade for what ya' got. Also have Tyrolia freeride 8 PS(brand new in box) binding I was going to mount on this ski....but holding out in the hopes of a trade.

let me know....swanny89@cox.net
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snert - are you looking to include the bindings in the trade? If you have a link to some information about them that would be cool, they arent on Tyrolia's website anymore.

gonzo - what is the condition of those axis x? Used a lot, or lightly?

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Regarding bindings : they are last years model still in box
bought on ebay :
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21238&item=2700325 314&rd=1

An even ski swap was what my intention was...unless you've mounted your bindings.

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My bindings have already been mounted, as the skis have been used for one day.
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Check PM : yes...binding included.
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My Axis X have about 20-22 days on them. I would prep them with a proper stone grind for the trade.
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Update: I have found someone I can deal with in my local town, so I think I am going to do that to avoid shipping. Thanks for all of the offers and interest.
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blahhhhhh.....I think what you mean is... ' Psyche '

Oh well
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I've got a pair of 177 Bandits with Soloman S810 Bindings, all in perfect condition. I'll swap you even. for the 184 xx.

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