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Salt Lake, Utah

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Hello All,


Our annual ski trip is taking place next Friday and we are heading out to ski Snowbird, Alta, and Solitude.  I know they had a great December but sweatin' it a bit now as haven't gotten many "dump" reports.  Can anyone report any conditions from that area?  Thanks for your help.


Hoping they get snow,



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I know the Bird just got four inches yesterday. Didn't ride there, but the pics looked good.


No need to sweat it yet--a week is a long time in the mountains. I don't even look at weather reports until a day or two out--and even then, you still never know.

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Agree with Joe. Don't sweat the snow. You could get a foot a day for your whole trip. Who really knows?  The weather has been cool so you will be skiing soft chalky stuff, not refrozen crusty stuff even if it doesn't dump soon. The base is deep and filled in even if there is not a ton of fresh it should be skiing pretty nicely and the gates all open. 


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Alta report:

Since the rain we had on 1/16 which turned the mountain to a sheet of ice, it has been getting better and better.

This past Sat (1/22) was stormy all day and they got more snow than was reported.

Sun (1/23) was great with up to 9" in spots. We skied powder and chopped up powder all day if you knew where to go.

I went up for a few hours this morning. They posted 4" since yesterday. There was excellent skiing all over, and a good 6" of powder in spots that were closed yesterday (ballroom, baldy shoulder). Groomers were nice if that's what you like. Good chalky powder on off piste areas.


There are a couple ice spots on the mountain that the new snow since 1/16 has not bonded well to. Otherwise conditions overall should be great the next few days even without new snow in the forecast. Latest I have seen said snow on Sunday into Monday.

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Looks like they got 30" in the last 10 days.  That should do it.

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