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Ski Resort Lost and Found?

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While I'm heading up a lift and enjoying the scenery, it never fails that I notice gloves, hats, poles, and pretty much everything under the sun that people have dropped while on their ascent. So, what do the ski resorts do to the stuff that people leave behind?


Do they sell anything after they have kept it for a while?


Thanks in advance,



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Most under the lift stuff is picked up by the owner of the gear on their run.  Other lost and found stuff I doubt the sell, maybe donate.  It would likely be an accounting nightmare to try to sell it. 

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Was at Hunter Mountain on their last day a few years ago, and they put out all the lost and found items for anyone who wanted them.


It's amazing what people lose/abandon/forget; not just little things like hats, gloves, and goggles, but skis (mostly junior models), boots, jackets, backpacks, etc. I only looked towards the end of the day, but based on what was left, someone picked up some serviceable gear for free.  

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up in BC, there was a woman who had on some ripped pants, someone asked if she wanted some duct tape for the tears, she said, no way I just got these out of the lost and found.......    Some trash is others' treasures.....  icon14.gif

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Many places have a box of orphaned gloves, hats, neck gators, etc..  in the lodge.  But, honestly, I've never seen a resort employee out on the hill picking up gloves and goggles.  They seem to just sit under the lift forever if the owner  or another skier doesn't get them.

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Well, in that case what about the items left in the lodge? Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

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