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Squaw Patrol loses one of their own to cancer

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One of the finest patrol in America has passed, way too young and needed and missed by many. Don Shott died of cancer after a 6 month very intense battle with the disease. He was a career patrol, very much loved, and respected. He will be greatly missed.

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One month on

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Don's Memorial Service was beautiful. They had expected 4 inches of snow overnight, we got a foot, we had snow showers on and off during the day and just as they were considering moving the service indoors the sun came out and the wind died down. It was stunning. We sat on the sun deck, looked over the mountain and the lighting was just perfect. The service began with Reef leading a large group of Patrollers skiing down the mountain to the music by Misty, Kyle and Cody Rea. It was only beginning and we were all moved to tears.
Andy Peek brought in the Careflight
helicopter for the service and half way through the service he took off and flew toward the setting sun, so poignant.
There were so many pictures of Don around, with his beautiful smile watching over us. There was photos
of him patrolling, with his children, with me and surfing. There were beautiful Hawaiian flowers everywhere that Martha had brought in for Don and a Maltese cross made out of red an
white flowers. The speakers spoke with love, respect and compassion,
it was an amazing tribute and was attended by over 600 friends and family. I have posted some pictures for you.
As we sat there freezing our tails off I knew that Don would love this service. He would love that we were outdoors, fresh snow, the stunning flowers, the perfect lighting, the helicopter and the incredible love that filled the air. The other thing that he would have loved is that the service showed him that his family are going to be okay because even when it gets really hard the depth of support within this community is so incredible they will be there for us.
So one month on, the crowds went home (except my sister who is here until the end of March)and we are settling into our new life. We have good days and bad days, tears and laughter, and luckily thanks to Don's influence with mother nature bucket loads of powder. We have read the hundreds of cards filled with compassion, kind thoughts and great advice, eaten the fabulous meals dropped off on our door step and been greeted by everyone with friendship and support.
The kids are doing okay we talk about Don allot and try and remember all our favorite things.
Reef turned 13 ...just what I need a teenager. He took the day off school to ski, did sweep at the end of the day and then headed back to Ski Patrol base where the patrollers had a surprise for him...... an amazing mountain bike. I posted a picture. The smile says it all. Reef also took a copy of his report card in to patrol base to show his other dads(his words) his report card. The card they gave him which they all signed was awesome.... Reef was so proud....he was also really pleased with the Porters gift certificate they gave him.
speaks of Don all the time and believes Don is responsible for all sorts of things happening around us, she was so impressed that he gave her 3 Snow Days off school.
At some time in the future we will scatter Don's ashes. The current plan is to scatter them in all our favorite places; somewhere at Squaw yet to be agreed upon (Trina Gold is going to make us a plaque of some description), in Lake Tahoe probably at Meek's
Bay, Santa Cruz, Playa Grande, Costa Rica and Mt Buller
where we met.
We are going to print up the Care Pages so at sometime in the future Reef and Tarni can read about this sad but amazing journey that we have all shared. If you have any great Don stories or confessions from the naughty couch please post them. I know there are going to be times when hearing all the Don stories will be very important to Reef and Tarni.





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