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I just bought new Fischer Soma Progressor 120s.  The boot has a new 293mm length versus my old X-Wave 9s which were around 305mm with a claimed 100 flex.  Reason for purchase was the bigger x-wave's felt fantastic at first but rapidly packed out.  They never felt loose or sloppy but never had that glove like fit and control after the first few wears.  Also wanted something a little stiffer but not too stiff as I'm only 150 lbs.


First day (of 5 straight) I noticed that I was skiing in a partial wedge position - especially my right foot - on cat tracks.  I've never had this happen before.  Went to the shop at the end of the day.  They claimed they were stumped but put in some rubber lifters on the bottom of the footbed (think the inside of each heal) perhaps partially because I pronate.  Next day I could barely walk in the boots but was able to ski fine.  I was still wedging a bit but less so.  Next day I took out the rubber lifters to see the difference and the wedging was about the same - less than the first day.  By the fifth day, wedging was even less but still there at times.  It doesn't seem to impact my performance.  I still carve rr tracks on groomers, etc.  But, it does seem somewhat strange and one would think a wedge would harm performance even if I'm not perceiving it.


Question is, has anyone ever had this happen before and what's the solution?  I'm curious after a week off the boots how they'll perform this weekend.  Five full days in a row in a new boot is a lot.  BTW, the fit is great otherwise.