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A Conversation with Fear

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Mermer Blakeslee's new version of her book, A Conversation with Fear (formerly In the Yikes! Zone) is now out and available as an e-book or in paperback. You can find it on the E-Reads website: or at Amazon. 


Search In the Yikes Zone for associated threads.

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Waaazoooo!!!  Great book.  I have the first edition and attended a Master Teacher's class with Murmer based upon the book.  Great stuff.

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Totally agree... This is a "must have" book... 

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"must have"  Completely agree.  About much more then just fear and a great read.  She really shares a lot of things in the book.  

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I have a signed copy and also love skiing with Mermer!

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Mermer makes herself incredibly vulnerable both in the book and when she coaches us.  I have had some incredible  clinic leaders but there is no one I've skied with who coaches like Mermer.  Both Mermer and her book have had a big influence in both my own life and in my sking/instructing.  

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I agree with you, Susan. She's brilliant, laugh out loud funny, and utterly accurate in her assessments. Her writing is really special.

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This sounds like an interesting read.  I will definitely look into it. thanks

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