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Park City ski in/out?

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We are planning a week's stay in the SLC area probably Park City and I have a few questions that I would deeply appreciate answered.

1) How is the snow during the first month of March?

2) We would like ski in/out is there such a thing in Park City or do we have to stay in The Canyons resort itself

3) Any recommendations on hotels or ski/stay packages would be appreciated.


Thnak you

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OK so it seems that Deer valley is ski in ski out ( TY for the messages)  but I am not so sure about the skiing. We are from the East and ski groomers ( mostly iced) all winter and would like to ski the legendary Utah snow.

If true ski in ski out is not to be what is second best? Or I guess I should say what is the best option?

Mariott Mountain Side claims they have ski in ski out any thoughts on that?


Thank you

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Park City Town Lift- What exactly is this ( can't find much on it ) and are there hotels or condos close to it?

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There is ski-in-ski out in Park City.  I've stayed at the base of PCMR and it has quite a few condos. The town lift is right off of main street in Park City (couple of miles from the base of PCMR) and there are nice hotels and condos right at the Town lift.


I've only been to Park City twice and enjoyed both PCMR and Deer Valley.  Canyons not so much.


As for the snow in the first week of March, the mountain should be fine but forecasting fresh powder 6 weeks out is always a crap shoot.  I've skied there in the first week of April and we got dumped on.

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May I ask why you didn't like the Canyons?

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The other thing is how in the world so I find the condos and hotels at the base of the town lift? A google search to that effect was no help.

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The Mariott Mountainside is indeed ski in/ski out - my brother has a timeshare there.


There's also another Mariott right across from the Town Lift (it's on Main Street).

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If you provide a few more details, we would be happy to present you with some options for your trip to SLC.

1. Do you want a ski in/ski out hotel or condo and what size unit? 

2.  How many people are in your party?

3.  Are you planning to ski at all three resorts or are you primarily interested in PC?  How many days of skiing are you planning?

4.  Do you want a rental vehicle or will a shuttle suit your needs?

5.  What is your budget?

6.  What are your travel dates?


Feel free to send us a private message with responses to the above, if you would like. 

Cosby Travel Pro

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Not trying to steal business, but go to, navigate to the page for Park City and they have a map that you can click on to search for rentals by location.  I think one area you can click on is called Town Lift, but if not, then click on the "Old Town" parts of the map.  If you want to look around the base area, for true ski in ski out, you can click on that area also.  Not a ton of ski in out on vrbo for PCMR, but some.  I stewed on whether to stay near the old town lift versus base area for a long time, resolved to stay nearer to Town Lift because of the best of both worlds, ie. walk to nightlife and almost as good as ski in ski out, however, the free town shuttle is good, I hear.  Anyway, I ended up scrapping the whole plan, stayed cheap in Midvale on the other side of the mountain, rented the cheapest midsize car I could find with a trunk pass through, skied free the first day (Quick Start ? program--free lift ticket with same day airline boarding pass on certain dates), and then skied Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons resorts the rest of the trip. 

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I don't know how many people in your group, but a good friend of mine has a 2 BR condo in Park Station which is less than a 5 minute walk to Town Lift. If you want his contact info, let me know. I have a 3BR condo in Bear Hollow near Kimball Junction. However, it is not ski in/out. However, if ski in/out, doesn't work out, and you want to check it out (it's on VRBO), let me know.  

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Spent Xmas week at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge.  It was a couple of minute walk to the main base area at PCMR. The back of the building was right where all the shuttles would drop you off. Not the most luxurious place, but the condos were nice and very large for the money.  We've stayed in the other PC Marriott for more than twice the price and 1/4 of the space.


Staying down by the Town Lift would be great. But, be aware, if there are any beginners in your group, there is no real easy way down.

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There are only two of us so a hotel room or a studio is plenty of room. My wife is an advancing beginer. Now that we've done some reading it seems that in Park City ski in/out is not as necessary as it might be at other resorts.

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I can second the Sweetwater Lift Lodge recommendation. I have stayed there 5-6 times with a friend who owns a March week there. It is a timeshare property, but I don't see that as a liability. It is a short, easy walk to the lifts. The units have full kitchens, and there are two gas barbecues in the common area. In-town night life takes a bus ride, but they run frequently and are very convenient. The bus to The Canyons is also easy to get. I personally like The Canyons after discovering some runs that are less traveled and hold powder after much of the rest of the hill has been tracked out. We also have typically rented a car to take advantage of the Cottonwood Canyon resorts, and have even ventured as far away as Snow Basin.

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Thank you everyone it looks like we're going with Westagate at the Canyons

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We have skiied Park City (and Canyons, Der Valley) a few years and stayed slopeside at the Snowflower condos.  It was ski in/out and an easy ski for my beginner daughter.  It was especially fun since they had the option of detouring thru the terrain park to get to the condo on the way back in, if they wanted to, or going around it.  The contact info is:


Snow Flower Property Management Co.
P.O. Box 957      401 Silver King Drive
Park City, Utah 84060
1 800 852 3101
We felt the location was great since you could walk across the slope to the shops to grab a coffee, ski rentals, etc.  We preferred Park City over the other 2 ski areas because of the layout/terrain but did enjoy the food at Deer Valley the most!
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All 3 areas have multiple ski-in, ski-out options.  Park City via the town lift is the only one that will also have you staying in town with lots of shops, etc.  I don't know the names of all the places off the top of my head, but a couple have minimal walking while others in town may have a bit of walking  Other PC options like Snowflower are also very good with almost no walking except to the elevator or stairs depending on what floor you are on.  As stated above, it is relatively easy to get to the main resort center and a bit farther to town.  On mountain accommodations in DR or the Canyons may have some access to a few restaurants, but will be a bit further to get to downtown PC.

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