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The last couple pair of boots I've had I purchased used through classified adds. I've decided this time I should go ahead and actually get fitted for boots and maybe even get heat molded foot bed or something. The only thing is I live in Kentucky near CIncinnati OH and I don't have plans to out west this year so I'm wondering if there is a really good place to get properly fitted in my area. We have Perfect North Slopes here that has a ski shop and also a place called Vertical Drop Ski and Snowboard. Vertical Drop's website says that there staff go to 'Master Fit U' seminars and from what I can find those seem to be good but I really know very little about the place.

My question is does anyone have advice about a good place to get boots in my area or should I wait until I go to a real ski resort town next?


I am planning a trip to Snowshoe, WV in early March. Would places. Although I'd rather break them in a little before a solid week of skiing.


Thanks for any help you can provide.