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Foot Pain & Cramps

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Sup everyone, i am new to this forum and new to skiing / ski boards.


Right now i have the Salomon Mission 4 boots which was recommended to me by my local ski shop, nice guys extremely helpful, also i have the green footpads from surefoot.


I am having major issues with foot cramps by the ball of my foot / i think it's the arch (inner part of my foot right below the ball) I had the ski shop punch out the boot to make more room. But i am still having major cramps also the cramps are pretty bad riding the lifts.


I am curious on how to solve this issue. I am wondering is it the boots or the way i am skiing?


I was thinking of buying new boots either the Tecnica Pheonix 90 with the air pump tech or Deeluxe 225T but i just got the mission 4 this season and really don't feel like spending  $500 on new boots when i just spent $200 on my mission 4's


Please help


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the fact the problem is bbad on the lift pretty much eliminates the way you are skiing.  Cramps can be caused by many issues.  Too big and buckled too tightly.  Not enough instep height, foot needs support from custom foot orthotic.  You'll have to give more information about boot size/foot size, onset, etc.



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Thank you for your reply


My regular sneaker size is 10 - 10 1/2 Mondo size is 26.5 measured by the local ski shop that has been in business for over 50 years


I really only tighten the top two buckles i rarely if ever tighten the bottom 2 buckles. I am wondering if that might be the cause?


I have read on the forums that people ski with their feet / try to grip the snow with their feet will have cramps by the arch. Theswe crampws are driving my bananas.


Should i try to tighten the bottom two buckles? Also is there a way to cure the cramping or pain while riding the lift?



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bit more info please?

this is a copy/paste that is a bit general, but the more info we have, the better we can answer/help you


So a few questions that you can answer that will help this out.

1) What is the shell fit like for length? Remove the liner, put your foot in the shell only, have your toes lightly touching the front of the boot and see how much room is behind your heel and the boots shell. Use a pen as a spacer and measure this for thickness. You want 5-15mm (1/8 to ½ inch) of room. If you have more then 25mm stop here

2) What is the shell fit like for width? Now center your foot front to back, (same amount of room behind the toe and heel) and is the width of your foot touching the sides of the boots shell? You want anything from lightly brushing to 2mm per side. If you have 3mm per side stop here.

3) Do you have any footebds? Most people find a off the rack, or full custom footbed more comfortable, and helps to hold the foot in place better, Get one.

So if you boot is within all of the above parameters we can go on. If you boot is just too big it is not worth working on. Your foot will still move around, you have to over tighten the buckles, and cramp to foot and cut off circulation (cold toes). Your boots are too big, and nothing will make that much better. Don’t waste your time, and money fixing a broken leg with bandaids. You need boots that are 1-2 sizes smaller. If you really want work on what you have, a boot fitter can do somethings, but it will not get much better, and will be $50 - $150 for not much progress.

So now that your boot is within a workable size range in length, width and with a supportive footbed we can go on to getting more info.

A few basic things to check first:

1) You just have one, thin, clean ski sock in the boots
2) You just have a sock in the boot? (no thermals, jewelry, etc)
3) Your toe nails are trimmed short?
4) They are YOUR boots and not borrowed?
5) You are just skiing in your ski boots? (not walking, driving etc)?
6) You dry your liners out at night either with a dryer or remove liners?
7) The left liner, the left footbed are in the left boot and this is on the left foot?
8) You are loosening the buckles if you are not skiing (while standing, on lifts, etc)
9) You are not skiing all day in new boots? They need time to break in
10) Buckles are pointing to the outside?

So your boots are the right size, AND you are doing everything else right, but still the boots are not 100% right. These questions will help a boot fitter will have a better understanding of the problem and can start to help you. Better Or Worse = (BOW)

1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser?

2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks?

3) BOW with any footbeds (custom, stock, none, etc)?

4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)?

5) BOW thru out the day (and when does the pain start?)

6) BOW on the first vs the third day?

7) BOW on harder or easier terrain?

8) BOW with the power straps (velcro straps) tighter or looser?

9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions?

10) Any medical, health, or weight changes since you used them last?

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