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Sizing for Volant T3

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I wonder if I can get some help, I have been out of sking for about 15 years and am used to skiing on 185 - 190 straight skis.. I am looking at a pair of Volant T3's that are few years old that are 165's.  I'm 5' 101/2" and about 185 lbs, would that size be ok for me.  Probably not super agressive here in the midwest, but not 100% sure about the shaped ski sizes.



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Help, Anbody smile.gif

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These the one's?Volant T-3 Epic.jpg


I'm just a bit bigger than you and mine are 188cm.


165's in this ski would be short and many might suggest you could find something newer for still little money used.

Check out the for sale items on this site for starters......

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Those will be shorter than you like.


For years I was crazy about my T3 Epics at 185cm, and I'm about the same weight.  They're softer than most of today's skis, and thus need to be longer.

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Thanks for the advice guys! I'm going to look at some other skis 

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