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As noted in another thread, I just picked up new Dynastar Sultan 85s.  When I had demo'ed these, they had Look PX-12 binding.  A couple of you confirmed that these are good to go with.  So, here's the question, which PX-12?  My on-line research shows I can get a PX-12 in these flavors:  Lifter, Jib Wide, Ti Jib Wide, Jib Micro Heel.  Which do I need/want?  Thanks.


PS -- I bought the skis from my local ski store.  The price was in the ballpark, although not the lowest -- l felt I should support keeping an actual brick & mortar store in my area.  But when I went there last weekend to talk about bindings, they weren't that helpful.  So, I'm open to buying the bindings someplace else, including online.