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Eastern Intermediate needs ski advice

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I'm getting back into skiing after a few years off.  Looking for recommendations for skiing mostly groomers in the northeast.  I'm 6'4" about 215 lbs.  Looking for something somewhat forgiving while I get back into form that will allow me to advance.  I demoed some Volkl AC50s a couple years ago and like them, but don't have much to compare them to.  Thanks.

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There are a few great skis out . You just have to pick how you like to ski, short to med turns,med to long turns, hi speed, slow speed. At your size go 180cm or longer. Stay with carving ski, for mostly skiing groomers. It maybe hard to find a ski, with the season we been having in the east. The fischer Motive 8o, or 84c, Progressor 10c,OR 9+, VOLKL 8FT,OR10FT, ATOMIC D2 VF 75,OR85,to name a few.

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I would not recccomend the AC50 for an intermediate level skier. That ski is fairly stiff and not too forgiving. The AC30 might be a better choice from Volkl but even that ski is more geared towards advanced level skiing.

May I suggest the Nordica Hot Rot Igniter, Blizzard Mag IQ 7.6, Rossi Avenger 7.6 or Elan Waveflex 7.8ti? All would serve an improoving intermdieate well.

Based on your size and current ability level I would reccomend the 177-180 size.

Good luck,

Rick G
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Try the K2 Photon

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I demoed the Tigershark 10ft at Bretton Woods last weekend and was very happy with them.  I'm also considering the Fischer Progressor 10, but haven't skied them.  Could someone give me an idea how they conpare to the Tigershark 10?  Thanks for all the info.

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^^^ You're on the the right track for where you ski. AC50's are too wide and beefy, even for someone your size, in that terrain. The Progressors will be lighter, easier edge to edge, and give you more snowfeel, a bit better grip but close. In my experience, Fischers are superb learning skis, whatever your level. They give you immediate feedback/reward to doing it right. Tigers will probably be nicer in crud and rough snow for you, a bit easier to slarve and slide on. Progressors will be easier in tight places, and will love to carve. Both are fine skis, very different feel, similar missions. Another ski to look at would be the Blizzard G-Force Supersonic or whatever it's called this year. Combines the lightness and snowfeel of the Progressor with nearly the stability of the Tigersharks, better than either in bumps or softer now, grip is as good or better. Very versatile ski. But won't be as cheap or easy to demo, so if those are issues, back to the two you've picked, I'd say. Win-win. 

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