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Request for help

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Hey everyone,


Having read around these forums for a couple days now, I see that this isn't the first time someone has come here for help. I think being a Ski Patroller is an incredible job, and as someone who loves to snowboard, I thank you for all your hard work. That said, I'm looking for some insight on the equipment patrollers use, mainly the toboggan and backpack/waist pack/vests. As far as who I am, my name is James and I'm a 4th year industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati. I'm doing this project as a part of a studio I'm enrolled in to redesign workstations. I'm pretty clueless on the whole thing which is why this information is so important. I'll be going to our little local hill to talk with some patrollers this week, but I just wanted to reach out to those of you here as well. 


If you have time to fill out a survey, I have one...HERE.


Any information would be awesome and I thank you all in advance. Also, all the other designers I've seen requesting help here never seemed to post their work. So for your interest, here's just some drawings I've been doing while working on the research. I need more information to justify different design directions, and will continue to refine ideas as the quarter goes on.





Thanks again,



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James, your survey only covers general areas of demographics, toboggans and packs.  What are you really hoping to learn?  Why not ask here first and get some better input on your project.  I for one, don't have a clue what a Patrol workstation is.  Your survey doesn't ask anything about it. Can you clarify what you are after?  Also keep in mind that being in Ohio, the ski and rescue experience and priorities are very different from what you might find in the mountains.


Good luck, and hope you find what you're looking for, but I think your first step needs to be to ask questions, and survey later.

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Totally agree. I don't really think workstation is the right word. It really is more about equipment. I would define the workstation as the equipment you take with you to a down/injured skier/snowboarder. From what I have found so far, it's the toboggan, patrollers, the medical supplies necessary for the type of accident, and the general supplies a patroller carries on them in a vest, pack, etc.


From all the models I have looked at, and having read all the complaints here (, I'm looking for ways to improve upon the experience of using a toboggan from riding with one, loading people, hauling cargo, and taking it back up the lift. There's a lot of good information there, but that was 5 years ago.


Main goal of the research: What are the biggest flaws/areas of improvement with toboggans and how you use them? How can they be improved to better suit your needs? Same goes for vests/packs, but there is a current thread going on that so no need to duplicate info.


Examples gathered from previous thread:


Decrease weight

Better material choice for handles that are more suited for cold wet weather

A better way to preform CPR while riding in the toboggan

Smooth out the ride

Improve the way to carry the toboggan on the lift

Improve the braking system



Disregard the survey for now. I tried to make it about the issues and uses gathered from the previous thread, but that seems to be off.

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